Thursday, August 31, 2017

Go Social & Lifestyle: The Definition of Evil

Evil is action. Evil is action with an intent to harm. When someone does something to you or that directly affects you with an intent to harm or start trouble for a worse outcome, they are being evil.

I share this definition because there will be some that will be called evil as an insult in their youth. Even young adults will be called this as they go their paths. 
You who go your path may be told that you are evil. You who go your path may be treated as if you are evil in order to convince you that you are. And demons will follow this person that is over you calling you evil, trying to help make you believe you are. All this ignorance, annoyance, and all the lies, will follow you. These truly evil ones, these broken people, with their demon, are only trying to make you believe you are something terrible in order to make you destroy yourself. 
Be wary of these people. They don't come in one size, shape or form, culture or race. Always remember, never forget, they are the ones trying to destroy, so there's no question as to who is truly evil.

Do not be deceived in life. Evil people surround us, but good people like you surround them. Be true to who you are means, be who you are. 

Evil is action. Being cruel is action. Being mean is being serious, sometimes too serious. Take this tiny truth and carry it forever. It is important to know what evil is. It is important to see the demon and know the difference between it's ideas and yours to keep it from becoming a part of you. 

Love yourself, appreciate yourself, live your life, and go.

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Live, Love; GO

Friday, August 18, 2017

'Condemn Bigotry, On All Sides,' Huh Trump

It is very clear Trump is politics-stupid, and I have no idea why I didn't attach a racist to it too. Because as we all know, racism is very stupid and cowardly.
Racism comes from fear and lack of confidence, but more than anything it sucks to have a bunch of yellow-dogs walking around bothering people with their need to be better. If racism weren't cowardly, then this guy who drove all the way from Ohio to Charlottesville wouldn't have decided to use his car to protest. He would have walked and used his big-boy words. However, that hasn't ever been the case with racists. They roll in packs and only do something or say something in a pack. And yes as you have seen, they don't mind brutally killing their own precious women when they think or feel something different. 

But enough about the sadness of cowardliness and confidence-broken people and how it shapes and molds them into annoying assholes, lets talk about the so-called National Address after the whole incident. 

What kind of leader upholds terror? Well, the kind of leader that shares the same values as the perpetrators of terror or terrorism. Also, the kind of leader that doesn't know what terrorist or terrorism means. 
If this wasn't the case, then the President wouldn't have blamed the victims AND the white supremacists. You can't blame peaceful protesters you idiot. Everyone has a right to free speech, but one man on the white supremacist and/or Nazi side used his car and killed someone because of their speech. That doesn't equate into fair unless you share the same values as the white supremacist or Nazis overall, including the one that used his car to speak. 

However, this isn't new. Trump was this racist way during his presidential run at a rally based on his threats of kicking the crap out of a black man that dared protest his rhetoric. He was also criticizing in demeaning ways the Latino community. And although, it isn't very easy for him to hide his racism and Nazism, we must remember that he is also stupid, and doesn't know what most of the words in his small vocabulary means anyway. I am referring to the word, 'bigot.'

The Point of This Post is to repeat what has already been said. He is unworthy, unprepared, unready, not-good, undeserving, ineligible, unqualified, unfit, unsuitable, unbefitting and fucking improper for the position as President of the United States of America. And this would be the same, if he were trying to be president in any country overall. 

And let's not forget the GOP that placed him on said throne, you all will be scarred for the rest of your existence because of this man. Do yourselves a HUGE favor, and get him out of the Oval Office. 

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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Go Justice: End Genocide

I refuse life's unfairness. I refuse to embrace it, recognize it, or believe in it. I have otherwise recognized the horrors and atrocities brought on others by their fellow human-being. Label me irrational, nonsensical, and way to much of an idealist. Overall, I dislike, hate, the notion that one must die, can die, or be made to suffer and die by the hands of others directly or indirectly. 

Saw a picture by Kevin Carter, a famous photo journalist in the 90s, by accident. It was a photo of a Sudanese child in 1992 starving, or being made to starve, in a war torn area. As she crossed the ground to get food or drink she collapsed on her face, and a vulture swooped down and stood behind her. Needless to say, I stared at the picture in shock and disbelief, and the image has been with me ever since and will be with me forever. 
Sudan was in a civil war, yet I selfishly thought, why didn't somebody kick that vulture. Give the child food. Give the child water. Whisk the child away to safety. Sadness, anger, rage, and the absurd need to see that vulture kicked and cooked like a chicken, consumed me then and still at times. It's presence made death real, irreversible, and definite on that child and people in that area. That photo itself shows the worse truth of humanity and suffering.  

Most people too often think, let the world burn, no matter, the fire is over there, it won't touch me. But it will eventually, because the world is burning. 
There are a lot of people that don't just live in a bubble, they literally don't have any concerns outside themselves. They are walking a straight line and not looking to either side of themselves. And when or if they should encounter a hole, they just step over it and continue walking unless they should fall into it. Only then do they notice others and scream for help. The world's problems, other people's problems, are nothing unless they touch or effect them. 

Genocide should be an issue that all the world leaders should unite against and prevent or end completely. Genocides are atrocities committed that give too much control to people. No one should be allowed to have control over another person's life and ability to live. And how pointless genocides are, they are blatant inhumane cruelty based on petty differences, hate, racism, and/or discrimination.

Genocides take from our relationships and only leaves a constant stream of human conflict. Allowing genocide to exist means tolerating people expressing or practicing their judgment on the people they discriminate against or hate. This only causes conflict, wars, crime, and terrorism. And leaders trying to dodge wars will have to face crime and terrorism, which will eat their wealth still. 
All nations should adopt the provision that punishes genocide in order to stop it. The countries that don't are probably guilty of doing it or allowing it. And Hell follows them and us, because the world will burn, and a fire that is not put out only spreads. 

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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Go Green: How To Change As An Individual For A Cleaner Environment and Better Climate - Really

Here are the ways one would go green, or live in a more energy efficient and cost efficient way for themselves, a better climate, and environment. These are fairly simple, they just need to become a habit. A lot of time it can't become a habit because we are so busy. This involves remembering to do these things and not all of us are in the best situations in that we are inclined to care. 

However, even upon crappy non-progressive days we must care because a hurricane, twister, tornado, cyclone, tropical storms, tsunamis, or rising waters or flooding will not deter or stop because we're having a bad day or year. In my case, remember the Tropical Storm Floyd.

Going Green Involves

Household Energy Use
Unplug devices that are not being used. Turn off lights in rooms. Charge up devices to use them most of the day, which all saves energy and money on electric bills.

Solar Panel
Invest in solar panels or just one. This reduces dependence on electricity and how much you pay for your electric bill.

Tap Water
Try to, TRY to drink kitchen sink water. This can mean making drinks like lemonades, teas, whatever drinks that you can create or ice water even.

Small is Good
Invest in a smaller house or a house that fits the needs for your family with small land. This reduces the waste and destruction of forest and land. Smaller homes keeps space from being wasted and save money and energy.

Commute, Bike, Walk and Reduce Emissions
This involves trains, buses, walking and cycling. This is is good for people living in a city or metro area where there are plenty of commuting means and businesses are under a mile or less.
Now in the South or towns where things can be miles away, we would need to decrease how often we have to drive to our stores and businesses. The way we can decrease commuting is by making a list of the things we need to get when going to the store. So, do a quick walk-through in the house to see what you need, make a list and then get everything in one fell swoop. Also, carpool to work if it is feasible. 

Recycle and Reuse
We must use recycle bins. We must try to reuse plastics and glass for any reason we can think of.

Food Consumption and Gardening
Most of us in America dont have a problem with this. We don't waste food. Keeping food from waste is important, but is hard because it means being mindful of how much just you or you and your family consume which is excellently done by mothers and most of the rest of us suck at. We can master this I feel and refrain from allowing our foods to waste. We need to be mindful or what we use and how much of it we use when we invest in it.
Growing food is great. And it comes naturally for all the green thumbs, so grow foods. Grow vegetables that you like to eat. I am a broccoli, mushroom, green, yellow, red pepper, and spinach person. For the ones that can't grow foods, you can always visit your local farmer's market. 

No Polluting
We have to use a trash can, trash barrel, trash bin, or trash bag when we are disposing of trash. It is common to drop it when walking because we don't want to carry it, but we must push ourselves to wait until we get to a trashcan. Trash gets into our waters which can cause health issues, death to lifeforms and animals, and also there can be an increase in rats, which is what we don't want because they are very smart creatures.

Natural Cleaners
Okay, on this one I don't have too much to give on. Some people use vinegar and water to clean and something called Borax. However, baking soda is a good cleaning agent and so is hydrogen peroxide and micofiber cloths for cleaning.

Last: Spread the Word and Put Up A Reminder List
Encourage everyone to do these things and keep a short list as your daily reminder.

And there you have it, this is the green initiative for the individual who cares to embrace it. Habit is key even with me, and surely but certainly we will get to better environments.

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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Go Green: Ignore Climate Change and Die

We are in the times of rampant spontaneous storms, ever rising waters, and dying lifeforms. We as human beings have a responsibility not just to ourselves but the lifeforms that we are superior to. To have those in power of Government and/or of industry turn their backs on the influences of humans on the climate, the earth's condition, because of a refusal to change, profit or some other personal endeavors is not just stupid, non-progressive, and increasing dependence, but lazy. 

We all must change. Change is important. Change will end dependence, foster new ideas, better innovations, and all for everyone to live better lives. 

Climate change may not be touching everyone yet, but it will. Earth is a living star, unbalanced by our influences on the climate, therefore dangerous to us and our global community members. 
We, the people, must change even if the powerful won't. If we change, everything must change with us. 

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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Go Politics: Undermining = Stupid

Trump and his administration want to continue trying to use nonrenewable energy. They think it would be good to drill in national monuments now and mine in them. It is obvious he's trying to please billionaires and millionaires on this energy level. It is also obvious he's trying to stop all programs that Obama started and his administration. And yes, he really doesn't care about our ability to live and exist as humans and lifeforms, possibly because the only way he could win the election is by the electoral college.

The bottom line is, trying to undermine someone for purposes of revenge and one's own pompousness is always destructive and stupid. This need to ruin our renewable energy and environmental programs will stop our swift ability to change the way we use energy. This hinders our ability to end the dependence on a energy (oil) that can and will deplete, and worse, that we have no universal replacement or substitute for. 
Oil is used everywhere in almost everything. In a couple years or less, it may be gone. This undermining of great renewable energy programs for no other purpose but to be better than Obama and the previous administration is wasteful and stupid, or, very not smart for all you sensitive Trump supporters. And sadly, all this administration is doing so far this 100 days is wasting time and hindering progress.

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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Go Politics: War on Terrorism 2017

It is evident we have a horrible president and administration. They sent missles over into a country thinking terrorism and terror can be bombed and afterwards it will all end or these individuals will yield. Terrorism comes from a deep-rooted shared individual place. It comes from past conflicts, wars, injustices, global neglect of oppressions, genocides, resource issues and so forth. Terror is truly stopped by the individuals committing the acts of terrorism. Terror is not something we can go to war against. This was shown by the Iraq war. Terrorism consists of the decision to commit acts of violence and/or oppression based on a shared ideal. You can't kill an idea with a missile or bomb. It takes other measures that involve attention, communication, a shared compromise, changes and so forth to stop an ideal. People have to want to or be motivated to change. 
Terrorist organizations or groups are not lead by the dumb. These are often very smart and educated individuals with strong strategies and justifications for their actions. This means we must use stronger strategies as well and not commit and cause casualties directly or indirectly by striking various spots on the earth.

Only if the terrorist group or organization is bold enough to walk the land in a unified army can their be an actual war, and one could possibly their use big shiny missiles.

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Go Green: Age of Environmental Actvism

Today administrations that were created to protect the environment and improve the way we use energy are being dismantled. This is a major blow to ending dependence on non-renewable energy. It is also stupid because of the harm this will continue to cause on the environment and to us. 
Global warming and waste mismangement are causing flooding and contamination which leads to the decline in the health of all lifeforms. Trash, and the mismanagement of it, is still a major health and environmental problem. Where there are no systems in place to protect the environment, all lifeforms are at risk. This cut in the agencies that provide and encourage environmental support and renewable energy programs increases the need for activism. 

Again we, the people of the world, have to come together to help each other protect the environment. It is unfair that we must change to protect the world for ourselves and future generations in that it is always on us to adjust or change. However we are the people, and when we change all things must change with us. 

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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Go Business: And Now...This In The Business Checklist Number THREE; Go Live Chat!!!

Welcome Again Businesses Small and Large....

Brick and mortar closings are on the rise. Brick and mortars are dying a slow steady death in the states. Meanwhile, Amazon is still on the rise, and rises like a phoenix, never to die, but to rise everlasting. And why not, they exist as a slash brick and mortar but primarily online.

An online company is convenient, simplicity, quick, and comfortable. This saves money for the company and continues increasing profit. 

And employees, how great is it to work from home? It is great, however it isn't the best. Customer service, meaning phone-to-phone and/or VOIP is not so great. 
It is expensive and stressful. Not only are employees expected to never have a bad connection caused by wind, the ISP, or something entirely unknown to them, but the mandatory robotic language and a mistake in information leads to complaints, bad reviews, discontinuation, and even the threat or action of lawsuits. This includes bandwidth problems, some unknown technical interference that screws up calls, constant updates to the software pushing upgrades forcing changes to the software.
... This is a living hell ...

Simplify Businesses; incoming calls are just not that effective for businesses and all the problems are not worth it. So, I have here the Business Checklist #3 as a Recommendation; Go Chat!!! 
Embrace the use of Live Chat software and applications for ease of customer support and service. And also, allow yourself to save money and remain profitable...

US Human Working Conditions & Business Success Checklist 3

  • Go Chat because it reduces customer and employee stress; Ease of Giving and Receiving Information
  • Go Chat because it's Heaven for employees; Flexible Working
  • Go Chat because it's easily monitored; Quality Control
  • Go Chat because it's easy for the customer to use; Ease of Use
  • Go Chat because software issues won't always stop production; Universal Apps
  • Go Chat because bandwidth woes are less of an issue: No Hindrance of Production
  • Go Chat because of the ease of record keeping; Documentation Ease
  • Go Chat because customers can easily be assisted in multiple languages; Culture Friendly
  • Go Chat because people are easier to reach internationally; Increase of Customers
  • Go Chat because the customer's data is more secure; Security
  • Go Chat because viruses cannot harm the customer's information; Virus Protection
  • Go Chat because people can easily reach support: Swift Assistance
  • Go Chat because VOIP is more expensive; Low-Cost
  • Go Chat because employees or agents can provide multiple assistance; Multitasking
  • Go Chat because of decreased robotic assistance; Annoying to Customers
  • Go Chat because you will get happy employees; this will get you some employees that will want to work on weekends
  • Go Chat because it saves money; Reduces Expenses
  • Go Chat because it increases customers; Agents Are Always Available
  • Go Chat because there will be swift problem-solving; Clear Communication
  • Go Chat because customers can easily get help, assistance, and support whenever and on whatever device at any time of the day on the site or the app

Overall businesses, live chat or chat support is the way to go for all these reasons. It will keep your business production stable and any issues are easily visible. 
Documentation is easily kept and monitored, meaning the flow of the call and the communication. And most importantly, it is great for the employee. And a happy employee does an excellent job, they are courteous and receptive to criticism and embraces knowledge to get better for you and the customers. 

... If your business is using Live Chat or Chat Support, you are gonna be immortal phoenix never to die. You will be as successful as the most immortal online companies...

If you are not using chat support or live chat, you overspend, you lose production, you risk viruses and malware, and again are constantly trying to progress through every work day in denial or upon luck. You are officially on the verge of screwing up your business. Try it another way before you crash and burn. 

This has been (3) of the Business Checklist For Success Moments...
Thanks Readers...
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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Go Politics: That Government Control

Came upon a documentary trailer reflecting the importance of programs that are pro-gun to protect our rights from the government, and I couldn't even get through that trailer. The NRA and the people that support them are so terribly backwards. They have always been backwards. Government control has taken another more sinister turn for a long time. 
Gun control is about preventing military-grade weapons, the weapons that can kill people in group or crowd in less than a minute or so, out of the hands of certain criminal offenders and minors. 
Government control is and has been all about creating dependence. 
This is done by the measures taken over the years to restrict the ability to live except for by chasing the things we need. 
Today, the majority of us are limited to chasing the things we need, settling for working anywhere, and doing nearly anything to survive when life should be for us to live.

I've been chasing my needs for a long time only in the South and in rural areas where jobs are restricted. So much so in my entire life, my clothes have to be torn to shit before I replace them.
I have never ever been a club type of of woman. I have always loved to experience places, people, foods, and the arts. Music, dance and arts, and the like. 
And for the longest time, all I've been doing is chasing the ability to live the way I need so I can take care of myself the way I should.

My suggestion and promotion for everyone everywhere involves ending dependence. The tiny revolution and minimalist revolution is a type of direction for this. However, no one says that you have to go tiny. But I started off this way, in my rooms, in my dorm room where I kept everything at a minimal, and still today. 

The first person that inspired me was the innovator Burt Shavitz of Burt's Bees and the documentary Burt's Buzz. Burt inspired me when I saw him in his tiny house that was and appeared to be absolute comfort for him. And if it's comfortable for you, then it's home. From then on out, I wanted my own home and for it to be my type of everything in size and in taste.  
I encourage all people to move in all directions that is consistent with their lives to end dependence. This is how we get from under big companies, small companies, having to work for anyone and in any conditions for any pay to survive. 
This is how we get from under government control and harsh obligations. We curb our needs. We end control. We take back our lives in that we get to direct what we do, how we live, how we earn a living, and in what conditions and when and where. And with this freedom, we decide what we'll do with our lives.

Your strategy here has to work for you. It has to work for your needs. If you go into this lifestyle of minimizing for your own happiness, or if you create something that's just yours or for yourself and your family, its all worth the hard work and time to take back control of your life....

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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Go Politics: The 25TH

The Trump administration is the worse administration in history.  They have created more hatred worldwide for their administration than any President in history. They are a walking dystopian delusional group of people with no concept of reality or consequences, or concept of the harm they can cause people just by the hatred they have made here in the United States and abroad. They are unprofessional and childish with their online and live TV banter of, 'alternative facts.'

In all cases, the Trump Administration happened, but all the blame for this goes on the GOP for their support and the Electoral College for their backward and selfish decision. 

The 25TH Amendment: Section 4...

I'll sum this section up on how this amendment stands out and will effect Trump and his administration in words for the laymen...Section 4 of this Amendment means, if the President is deemed insane, having a mental issue, too sick, incapable of handling issues, incapable of making decisions, or does anything deemed too stupid and unsatisfactory based on the tastes of primarily the Speaker of the House, the Vice President and his executive branch, and the GOP in this case, he can be replaced by the Vice President after an investigation by Congress, not proving, but showing one of these mental defects based on the initial claim. 
And so, based on these claims the presidnt can be pushed to the side by the entire GOP and replaced by the Vice President.

In light of this amendment, now you know why Paul Ryan smiles all the time, why Pence smiles all the time, and why they had that big happy photo of themselves after the election. 
And also, they and we know if Trump ever stops signing the policies that the GOP wants, his time as president of the United States will come to an end. The GOP has all the control and control of him too. Today, there have been reports that the president gets fatigued and has mismanaged or mishandled phone calls with other important persons of other countries which is the beginning of his end. 
And so, this is the path that Trump has taken. And I have no doubt that when the GOP is just, tired, of Trump, Vice President Pence will become acting President in time.

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Friday, January 27, 2017

Go Business: And Now...This In The Business Checklist Moment Number TWO

Welcome Back Businesses Small and Large....

We have come together again to recognize the simple matter of functionality for success. Let us go deep into our processes and weed out the issues and problems that stand in the way of our business production....

How do we do this? Well, simply by the way we have done it before; our beloved checklist below. 

It straightens the jagged, ruptured, or quite possibly stupid path that some of us may have taken. The scrutiny is always in business and the things we need to run so business can flow prosperously and efficiently. So, let us begin...

US Human Working Conditions & Business Success Checklist 2

Update, Update, Update, Troubleshoot

  • It doesn't matter what kind of software or hardware you use, it must be updated
  • It doesn't matter what kind of network you have, it must be reset and updated
  • It doesn't matter how many workers are able to begin work with no problems, not everyone will be able to if its not updated
  • If you blame employees for no production in light of a software issue, your company will fail
  • If you blame employees for no production in light of a software issue, you are ignoring the issue
  • If you don't acknowledge the the software issue during production downtime, the software issue will only get worse
  • If the software issue gets worse and workers are penalized for it, you will lose workers and production
  • If the software issues get worse overall, you will not be able to maintain production and your company will FAIL
  • Keep your focus on the software you are using
  • It must be monitored
  • It must be tweaked
  • It must be updated
  • You need a programmer or two 
  • And also, it must have the GB to handle the workload
  • If it does not, or gives continuous issues, you must update, enhance, reset, reprogram, or switch-out, but remember  everything, EVERYTHING, in terms of your production rests on the capability of the software ONLY...

And here you have it, the Successful Business Checklist 2

... If your business is handling the software is uses, your business is truly AWESOME, and will thrive prosperously forever. You will have happy employees that are glad to come to work being that they are able to work comfortably and progressively.

... If your business is not on top of their software and are constantly trying to progress through every work day in denial or upon luck, you are on the verge of screwing up your business. Get yourself together before you go under. 

This has been (2) of the Business Checklist For Success Moments...
Thanks Readers...
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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Go Politics: Each Other

After this January 20th 2017, Trump was sworn in as our president in the United States. And we, the people, lost a government that was and is trying to work for the people. 

It is in donating and supporting each other in various ways that things get taken care of now. 
Supporting our free health clinics, keeping them open. 
Supporting our food banks and churches, keeping them able to give food and sanctuary for those who are in need are all excellent places to start and to continue. 
All of this is everything that is important to us and society. I'm glad that the majority of us who voted Hillary Clinton are so very united and marching and protesting today. Unity is important today. Helping each other is important right now.

I can't say anything for the ones calling themselves Deplorables and/or Trump supporters. I can only guess they will dwell in their own circles and wait on Trump and his administration to do things for them. 

However, our unity and fight for our liberty, rights, and well-being in this country is important right now. We should have a base in every community for helping each other. These places would be the free clinics, food banks, and churches used to help people. Give your pennies or what you can to help each other live.
For health, give donations to free clinics. 
For food, give to food banks.
For sanctuary or a place to sleep, give donations to churches. 
To businesses, open your doors. If you could give a minimal amount of hours to a person seeking a job, that would be great. If you can only give 15 hours in 5 days at $5.00 dollars an hour to a person that mops a floor, takes out trash, or cleans tables that would be good. That is at most $300.00 a month. This is not a living, but it is something that will provide needed things until something better is obtained in terms of employment or better aid from an organization.  
To churches, if you could give a place to sleep for those who are homeless and are trying to get on their feet, that would be great. 

We must be organized. We must give support. We must help each other. We must fight for each other. 
America is not a terrible place because America is our home. Ignore this horrible president Trump and his government. Throughout my whole life, from the 80s to today, I have seen that whenever a change is made, sure the government can and has opened doors, but the people make the real changes. 

We have ALWAYS done it ourselves. We still can and we will because we know America cannot work without each other.

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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Go 2017: The Road Ahead

It's 2017

2016 was the most troublesome year. It will be set down in history as the worse year. 

To start everything off, my resolution is no more cursing in my blogs. Resolutions are just that easy. It's your will to stop something. Strong will isn't all you need, but you do need it. 

I'm being the change I would love to see. Tiny is my life. People thought it would cause suffering. It's actually very comfortable and comfort is where I'm headed. Therefore, tiny is where I'm going. 

Global warming is the truth. The Earth is heating up. It can ruin our way of life and kill us. This is in the form of bad weather patterns and storms. However, the real truth and ambition behind stopping global warming and all that cause it comes from the fact that dependence on one source of anything is stupid. Things always come to an end. Change is important. It's smart. Wind power, solar, hydro, battery, it's all good change and worth the adjustment. In change we only make ourselves stronger and better.

GREED... Nothing hurts a good change quicker than greed. Nothing ruins progression more than selfishness. To change to another energy source takes money out of the pockets of the people that are making millions off oil and gas. However, they're going to lose money anyway if it all depletes. Everything can't run off one source. 

SPEAKING OF GREED... the election...the only one that was ever given to a foreign power and a person that has no idea what's going on or what to do. It was given to a person that is and will be controlled by some of the most persuasive and ambitious people. To think, so many voted for this man because of his hate-filled, bigot-filled rhetoric and lies. They pretend they didn't hear, grab them by the p---sy, that he didn't say he walked in on teens who were undressed, and he didn't give permission to hack. If they shout  anything at me on Twitter or anywhere, they are ignored. He is not competent for the highest office in the U.S. 
Do all who voted for him and got him in there dare say this decision is still smart? All that desperation, these stupid things done out of desperation just to find that the nation has been handed to his good friend from Russia and no change or progress will come.

So, this is our 2017 where we go into a true abyss. This is where we ended up. The majority of us aren't following and depending on the government, especially not now. I wrote about this in this very blog. I called it United Support. I didn't want it to be on this scale though. It was meant for communities in poverty. United Support means just us, the people of this country, helping each other in every way to make life better for each other. 

I still think United Support is the way. I still say the masses do it all. I still say, when change is needed and help is needed, we all come together and make it happen. We come together in our town, in our city's neighborhoods, in our communities large and small, and make it happen. Coming together means everything. Being divided ruins all.

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