Saturday, February 4, 2017

Go Politics: The 25TH

The Trump administration is the worse administration in history.  They have created more hatred worldwide for their administration than any President in history. They are a walking dystopian delusional group of people with no concept of reality or consequences, or concept of the harm they can cause people just by the hatred they have made here in the United States and abroad. They are unprofessional and childish with their online and live TV banter of, 'alternative facts.'

In all cases, the Trump Administration happened, but all the blame for this goes on the GOP for their support and the Electoral College for their backward and selfish decision. 

The 25TH Amendment: Section 4...

I'll sum this section up on how this amendment stands out and will effect Trump and his administration in words for the laymen...Section 4 of this Amendment means, if the President is deemed insane, having a mental issue, too sick, incapable of handling issues, incapable of making decisions, or does anything deemed too stupid and unsatisfactory based on the tastes of primarily the Speaker of the House, the Vice President and his executive branch, and the GOP in this case, he can be replaced by the Vice President after an investigation by Congress, not proving, but showing one of these mental defects based on the initial claim. 
And so, based on these claims the presidnt can be pushed to the side by the entire GOP and replaced by the Vice President.

In light of this amendment, now you know why Paul Ryan smiles all the time, why Pence smiles all the time, and why they had that big happy photo of themselves after the election. 
And also, they and we know if Trump ever stops signing the policies that the GOP wants, his time as president of the United States will come to an end. The GOP has all the control and control of him too. Today, there have been reports that the president gets fatigued and has mismanaged or mishandled phone calls with other important persons of other countries which is the beginning of his end. 
And so, this is the path that Trump has taken. And I have no doubt that when the GOP is just, tired, of Trump, Vice President Pence will become acting President in time.

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