Saturday, November 19, 2016

Go Politics: BOYCOTT!

In light of this year's election, this was snatched from my other place of writing and put it on this blog. I really don't give a tin shit about the monetary aspect of blogging. I work...
Anyway, times may get hard now considering the fact the government is run by true greed and bigotry. 
We have people in the government and a president-elect there that want to do anything they want even at the expense of harming others. 
This can be the loss of jobs, rights, and many other things that can harm us.
What the people have lost this 2016 is their peace of mind with the government. Which again I'll say, is bad for any government. If people can't rest, they can turn into monsters. 

We can and are going take back our peace of mind in the United States. In this nation, the government cannot operate for just a few. The government must operate in all of our best interest.
On top of all of our tools for getting what we want and need, if a body of power wants to try to harm us by taking away our rights and liberties, we have the wonderful creation called...boycott.


Now most of the people in the world know what boycotting is and what it does. This is more of a friendly reminder, and also to educate those fucking idiots that get mad or wonder why people are marching down the streets with signs and chants.

Boycotting is a tool used by people that need a change to occur 
based on their best interests or human rights. This can be 
considered public, consumer, or voluntary activism. 

Boycotting takes power from nations. It takes control of the decisions that are made in the government. It provides a balance in which people get what they need and want.
Boycotting does not have to be loud, such as marches and strikes. It's a tool that can be used in mutual silence. 
For example, a people can agree upon the non-use of a product or 
service and stop using it, disrupting the natural flow 
of business to stop a company or entity from utter growth and survival. 
People can walk through streets, sit in the streets, sleep in the 
streets, and utterly stop the flow of the commonwealth to make a change. 
This disruption is what creates the real change. Nobody wants non-functionality. Businesses cannot handle it and governments cannot handle that businesses cannot handle it.
Boycotts are dangerous to all bodies of power. It is a non-violent impact of major disruption. It is a weapon that was used by civil rights activists including Martin Luther King Jr.

No Playing Nice This Time
In light of this fucking horrible election, we cannot play nice. We have true racists, sexists, and all of the above in bad, in the White House now. Nobody likes this White House but the idiots that voted for him, and even they gradually realize today that they are idiots for voting for him. 

The idea is never to mutually ruin a business or the government. The boycott is used, or have been used in the past, to get the results the public or consumers need.
The unity a boycott fosters involves making certain that we all gain in all fairness. We don't want anyone in the government changing things and doing things to people without our express consent now; that's all. 

The aim is also for them to listen to our needs. They have already fucked over our wants and needs by electing this man. Now they need not try to do things that will infringe upon rights and liberties.
The essence of boycotting is letting people with power know that when we stop doing for an entity, stop supporting, and disrupt their flow like what they are doing to us, it hurts, complicates, and aggravates that entity to point where they are forced to give in to needs, they are forced to listen, they are forced to hear opinions, and ultimately enact the desires of the people. If not, then that entity faces a certain end.

Boycotting provides equilibrium in the world. United, we have all the power and can change any decisions that are made concerning our lives. Don't let yourselves be divided out there. Divided we face the obstacle of taking whatever is handed down to us. 
Boycotting allows us to kill unfairness and inequality in that we can live better lives.

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