Saturday, December 17, 2016

Go Social: Sexism

Sexism as you know is discrimination based on gender and is typically upon women. Women are too often looked upon by many as inferior to men. Most women in history and today are treated as the property of a man when they are in relationships.

No one can say they haven't seen any instances of sexism. It's in rape allegations, if the man is wealthy or rich. It's in pay and positions in too many places. It's the way a woman is treated and the amount of respect a woman is given in many positions even when they are doing the same jobs as men.

It ranges from cases like Lisa Bianco, murdered by an estranged husband who was allowed out of jail and she was not warned as she asked. This was 2 years after a video showing her battered swollen face. And it even extends into international instances, such as Neda Agha-Soltan, murdered for just protesting as a female.
There appears to be no end to the expression of superiority of men on and in women's lives. So much so, this superiority complex is even in our fucking politics STILL. 

The stupid decision to elect Trump only keeps our country from moving forward to a United States that will only get better for everyone. And if it's better for the population, it will be good for the government. 
However, to plunge our fucking country into reverse, fuck up our international relationships, and what peace we have here in the states that would make this country much more united, is a stupid move because of the belief that a woman could not or should not handle such a demanding job. 

They actually elected a person that is not politics-literate and involved in hacking the system, into the most powerful position in the United States just to keep a woman from having any control.

And you have to wonder, is this what they want to do, plunge the world into near chaos and ruin the United States for nothing but sexism? 

OVERALL, it doesn't matter how many people on this earth say or treat us as if we are inferior. We won't ever BELIEVE that lie. We won't ever embrace the bullshit. 

We can't embrace it. Life and the decisions we make in it continues to show us our worth and strengths every single day. We do what we must for us and our families. We too often change for and because of the situations we are in. We've been strong, and elegantly so, while fighting for what we need and want in this world even alone. We stand on our own two because life demands it, and really, it's no problem. 

To the men who believe and express this inferiority, go ahead and give up on the lies. It's true that in this day and age, you may see women that don't believe in independence. Enjoy it where you can, because the vast majority of us are unafraid going into the future and independent as well. spirit is forever roaming on my feed on Twitter @tonitheprima 

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Go Social: Black Lives Matter

That black people or people of color have to say this, march for this, fucking care to say or reemphasize this in any way is not only a shame, but it continues the hypocritical bullshit denial of systematic oppression upon people of color.

People are literally trying to throw the phrase and movement back into the faces of people of color and its supporters. 
How fucking dare anyone?

Since the end of slavery, men in power in the US have tried to either control or kill people of color. Their genocide is just in the form of limiting and restricting resources, or allowing terrorism in the form of the KKK and other racists groups. 
Jobs and opportunities are and were restricted for people of color therefore crime became and becomes the means to survival. And this was meant to harm us, because crime of course leads to death, destruction of lives and communities for the ones who commit the crimes (drugs being the most common means), the ones who use the drugs, death by the police from committing a crime, death when fighting each other over resources, or slavery, meaning locked away in prisons for the rest of our lives.

In the days of the civil rights movement, Martin Luther King Jr and many more leaders were fighting for equal opportunities and equal treatment. They were fighting the machine that labeled people of color inferior and the hatred and oppression this caused.

It's time that black lives truly mattered. There are too many people who look at people of color like there is no worth in our existence or as if we have no humanity.
This is shown by the constant instances of the police and justice system making decisions with violence and punishments reflecting the lack of concern for the life of black people since and before the brutal murder of Deandre Brunston. 

There is no magical cure for racism. And there shouldn't be, people should pull the stick out of their hateful ass and allow each other to live. Racism has to do with the attitude and behavior one has towards another. If this changes, it would have to be individually. Sadly, the change is far-fetched because there are so many people that have no confidence unless they can say what they want to others and do what they want to others to feel as if they are better than someone else.
Racism is stupidity, yes, but very lazy to me, because it is up to an individual to look outside their own lives and situations and understand others. A lot of people have been through living nightmares and heartache in life. I have had my own suffering, and all alone I have experienced terrible things. 
However, I refused to allow bad life situations to keep me in a bubble; uneducated, not open-minded but blindly rejecting different people, cultures, beliefs, or groups. If I can look outside myself in simple consideration and understanding with all the rage and hatred I've had in my lifetime, I know others can too. the Black Lives Matter Movement, persevere onward. Don't EVER let injustices go unpunished and unheard or allow inequality to go unchecked or unexposed. Today, it's past time that black lives mattered... retorts exist on Twitter @tonitheprima....

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Go Justice: Petty Crime = Mass-Incarceration = Slave Labor = Modern Day Slavery in the United States of America

I'm back, and with a vengeance on the justice system. How dare they, prisons, jails, companies, ALEC, and corporations, reserve penny-paying employment for inmates that are locked up for their entire lives for petty crimes.

Petty shit, such as possession of a drug, selling of a drug, possession of a firearm or other petty shit, is a lot of the reasons why so many black and hispanic men have been incarcerated.
And shit, this was something I felt only happened in lower developed countries, this, meaning labor exploitation or modern day slavery. 

But no, apparently when a member of my family told me they worked all day for 0.17 cents an hour, I shrugged it off without a single thought. Then a documentary showed inmates made shit like furniture and so forth for pennies like common slaves and overall based on the 13th amendment. 
This is something I overlooked for years, and I have a booklet of the amendments!

13th Amendment Section 1: 'Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.'

THIS BLOG is about the fact that inmates shouldn't be making products for companies at all, and especially for pennies all day. It's about the fact that labor is being exploited under the 13th amendment, and modern day slaves are being made and have been being made by the mass incarceration of black and hispanic men in the US for fucking decades. 

It's also about the fact that all these years have gone by and we have had job shortages, massive amounts of adults and children going to bed hungry, and these companies have been giving employment, but only to inmates for pennies instead of the public because they don't want to spend any money. 

Want to save money corporations and businesses? Then be creative, have people work from home, have people work non-grounded, cut your facility or overhead costs. 
But don't continue slavery in this fucking country when it was abolished, don't keep screwing us out of our rights, a simple middle class lifestyle, and the ability to live a comfortable life.

The worse thing to have in a country are a bunch of ambition-less, money-hungry corporation and business owners that just want to get paid and nothing else. 
They have no ambition. They have no drive. They can't create anything because they're lazy. They just have this one stupid idea that takes off, and from there all they want to do is make money. They are a waste to any country because they give nothing, not even a simple well-paying job and help sustain economic stability. 

And to the federal government, you should have stamped this out a long time ago for the rights of Americans and the health of the economy. 
But no, you are turning a blind eye to it while it creates social injustice, terrorism, hatred, and violence. And the injustice, terrorism, hatred, and violence predominantly comes from the fucking police, so there's that problem. 

We have a massive multitude of social problems to fix. So much so, that when fixing them we will fix most of our fucking economic problems also.
Mass-incarceration and all forms of slavery needs to come to end for what soul this country has left. 

13th Amendment Section 2: Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

Changes can still be made by you Congress. What are you waiting for? Let people have their rights and their right to live. 

... thanks for the attention... My most dwelled in social media spot is on Twitter @tonitheprima....

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Go Healthcare: Stop Profit From Sickness

Today, there are numerous deaths because of prescription medication. This leads many to believe that healthcare facilities are looked upon as the primary institutions that maintain sickness for profit. 

There are accidental overdoses, constant sickness, degrading health, long-term treatment, and the lost of the public's trust. And this lack of trust is as if all the people that are doctors are money-hungry, not all of them are.

However, money has been made to be primary here in the US. We have a very strong capitalist system. Everything costs and not exactly pennies. 

That everything costs in general, can reduce the value of services. And this means, a lot of people in the healthcare industry only care about getting paid not providing great service. Not everyone feels like this or works with the money-loving mentality, but a lot of people do.

So...The Answer To The Statement in The Title...

To stop profit from sickness involves simply taking the capitalism political structure off of healthcare. Free healthcare does this. 

If free healthcare is used, it will make the service that involves providing healthcare non-monetary based.

This can give the government strong control over pharmaceuticals. Which would involve maintaining complete control and oversight over the products the pharmaceutical companies offer or distribute to hospitals.

With control over healthcare distribution and hospitals, they, the federal government, would be entitled to all control and oversight.

And Just To Put This Out There AGAIN...

Medicaid and medicare supports hospitals alone. How do I know? The medical billing and coding classes and training. 

NO insurance, credit cards, and pocket money can support one hospital altogether in any metropolitan or low-income area anywhere in the states. 

With free healthcare, doctors will not get pay cuts, they are not going to be homeless or selling their Mercedes either. If that were the case, they would already be dealing with the living hell of pay cuts and going broke. 

HOWEVER, they are not because the federal government is, and has always been, supporting all hospitals except the ones that do not accept medicare and medicaid patients. 

Medicare and Medicaid supports every single hospital in the United States of America and pays all salaries. Always have been and always will.

... and that's my take on the issue of preventing profit from sickness... my soul thrives and roams on Twitter @tonitheprima... thanks for reading...

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Go Education: Hey US, Public Education Needs Your Attention!!!

Okay, there is a serious problem with education today. This condition has lasted a very long time. In college, I actually thought it would blow over and get better, but it isn't.


Why is it so hard for you, Federal and Municipal Governments, to fund this? Why is it that public schools and public education is so undervalued? Do you know how dangerous it is to our country? We have dismissed the one thing that is most crucial to our survival. It's as if we are on a path to the destruction of the United States if education isn't valued anymore. 

Well, I have something to say about Education. 

Do you all think you are going to live forever? And if not, what kind of country do you plan to leave to your kids? Looking at the closing of public schools, a crappy processed lunch, and that ridiculous standardized testing, it looks like America is going to be some kind of wasteland. 

Only a small percentage of any country educated and the rest not educated will not work. Just take a look at the current REPUBLICAN candidate today and try to convince someone that we don't need better educational programs. 


  • If you don't wan't to spend a lot of money, cut the school year shorter and decrease the hours in the day. 20 hours a week should be sufficient for school.
  • If you don't want to spend a lot of money on cafeteria food, then invest in a industrial deep freezer and buy regular food and hire cooks or chefs, this is also to cook a balanced GOOD meal everyday.
  • Pencils, paper, textbooks, all school supplies, get it in bulk at Costco or the Company Costco deals with or another company like every other business in the world.
  • Cut-out all the silly homework, that's just something a student wants to get over with. 
  • Allow art, music, and workshop classes for analyzing, coordination, organization, control, individualism and fun. 
  • Of course there should be the dreaded MATH, including Reading, Writing, English, Science, a complete revision of AMERICAN History including other cultures and their contributions, and also Language classes. 
  • And for goodness sakes get rid of those ridiculous standardized tests and replace them with essays. If you are saying, what will an essay or paper do, YOU DID NOT WRITE YOUR OWN PAPERS IN SCHOOL or COLLEGE; SHAME ON YOU! 
  • An essay based on a certain topic can measure a person's grasp of all subjects. Quizzes and tests measure your ability to remember. Essays or papers measure comprehension, understanding and intelligence levels. It would show a student's ability to understand, the depth of their understanding, comprehension, use of expression with words, their intelligence and overall competency with all subjects. 

Overall, only minor changes are all that is needed to make public education feasible. Students K-12 all over America deserve a great education and a healthy meal at school. To not have these simple things is just ridiculous. Support your public school system however you can and when you can everyone. heard it ranted here on TENSpot...tweet me if you like on Twitter @tonitheprima....thanks for reading....