Saturday, December 17, 2016

Go Social: Sexism

Sexism as you know is discrimination based on gender and is typically upon women. Women are too often looked upon by many as inferior to men. Most women in history and today are treated as the property of a man when they are in relationships.

No one can say they haven't seen any instances of sexism. It's in rape allegations, if the man is wealthy or rich. It's in pay and positions in too many places. It's the way a woman is treated and the amount of respect a woman is given in many positions even when they are doing the same jobs as men.

It ranges from cases like Lisa Bianco, murdered by an estranged husband who was allowed out of jail and she was not warned as she asked. This was 2 years after a video showing her battered swollen face. And it even extends into international instances, such as Neda Agha-Soltan, murdered for just protesting as a female.
There appears to be no end to the expression of superiority of men on and in women's lives. So much so, this superiority complex is even in our fucking politics STILL. 

The stupid decision to elect Trump only keeps our country from moving forward to a United States that will only get better for everyone. And if it's better for the population, it will be good for the government. 
However, to plunge our fucking country into reverse, fuck up our international relationships, and what peace we have here in the states that would make this country much more united, is a stupid move because of the belief that a woman could not or should not handle such a demanding job. 

They actually elected a person that is not politics-literate and involved in hacking the system, into the most powerful position in the United States just to keep a woman from having any control.

And you have to wonder, is this what they want to do, plunge the world into near chaos and ruin the United States for nothing but sexism? 

OVERALL, it doesn't matter how many people on this earth say or treat us as if we are inferior. We won't ever BELIEVE that lie. We won't ever embrace the bullshit. 

We can't embrace it. Life and the decisions we make in it continues to show us our worth and strengths every single day. We do what we must for us and our families. We too often change for and because of the situations we are in. We've been strong, and elegantly so, while fighting for what we need and want in this world even alone. We stand on our own two because life demands it, and really, it's no problem. 

To the men who believe and express this inferiority, go ahead and give up on the lies. It's true that in this day and age, you may see women that don't believe in independence. Enjoy it where you can, because the vast majority of us are unafraid going into the future and independent as well. spirit is forever roaming on my feed on Twitter @tonitheprima 

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Go Social: Black Lives Matter

That black people or people of color have to say this, march for this, fucking care to say or reemphasize this in any way is not only a shame, but it continues the hypocritical bullshit denial of systematic oppression upon people of color.

People are literally trying to throw the phrase and movement back into the faces of people of color and its supporters. 
How fucking dare anyone?

Since the end of slavery, men in power in the US have tried to either control or kill people of color. Their genocide is just in the form of limiting and restricting resources, or allowing terrorism in the form of the KKK and other racists groups. 
Jobs and opportunities are and were restricted for people of color therefore crime became and becomes the means to survival. And this was meant to harm us, because crime of course leads to death, destruction of lives and communities for the ones who commit the crimes (drugs being the most common means), the ones who use the drugs, death by the police from committing a crime, death when fighting each other over resources, or slavery, meaning locked away in prisons for the rest of our lives.

In the days of the civil rights movement, Martin Luther King Jr and many more leaders were fighting for equal opportunities and equal treatment. They were fighting the machine that labeled people of color inferior and the hatred and oppression this caused.

It's time that black lives truly mattered. There are too many people who look at people of color like there is no worth in our existence or as if we have no humanity.
This is shown by the constant instances of the police and justice system making decisions with violence and punishments reflecting the lack of concern for the life of black people since and before the brutal murder of Deandre Brunston. 

There is no magical cure for racism. And there shouldn't be, people should pull the stick out of their hateful ass and allow each other to live. Racism has to do with the attitude and behavior one has towards another. If this changes, it would have to be individually. Sadly, the change is far-fetched because there are so many people that have no confidence unless they can say what they want to others and do what they want to others to feel as if they are better than someone else.
Racism is stupidity, yes, but very lazy to me, because it is up to an individual to look outside their own lives and situations and understand others. A lot of people have been through living nightmares and heartache in life. I have had my own suffering, and all alone I have experienced terrible things. 
However, I refused to allow bad life situations to keep me in a bubble; uneducated, not open-minded but blindly rejecting different people, cultures, beliefs, or groups. If I can look outside myself in simple consideration and understanding with all the rage and hatred I've had in my lifetime, I know others can too. the Black Lives Matter Movement, persevere onward. Don't EVER let injustices go unpunished and unheard or allow inequality to go unchecked or unexposed. Today, it's past time that black lives mattered... retorts exist on Twitter @tonitheprima....

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Go Politics: The Reason People Voted For Trump

Sure, people voted for Trump because they didn't want someone in there that supports the Affordable Healthcare Act. Premiums are very high. Sure, people voted for Trump because they felt overlooked by Democrats as a person or family clinging to the middle class. And absolutely, all or most of these people reside in in the western, northern, and northern mid-western regions of the United States.

However, down here in the South, Trump looked like a dream come true to certain people. 
Down here, you can see graffiti saying, Blacks Go Back To Africa.
Down here, before the election, an African American church was set on fire in Greenville, Mississippi with a description on the side of it saying, Vote Trump
Down here, that hate rhetoric during one of Trump's speeches at a black protester saying, "back in the old days, that guy would've never never been able to get away with that," followed by cheers, represented the days of Jim Crowe. That is the era where dead young black men could be seen hanging from trees like the common fruit. And let's not forget that during those days, down here, is where the violence perpetrated by whites on blacks were a form of terrorism for oppression and restriction.
So, who voted for Trump?
Down here, in the Southern States, once confederate states, a majority of racists and sexists voted for Trump. 
Why? Because, down here they think that era of oppression, segregation and terrorism, is when America was great. When one race can say cross the street to another human being and they did it to avoid trouble, death, or being terrorized. When they can kick and punch a man while he is walking away and no charges are brought against them. When they can treat people protesting for their rights like a disease by shooting them with a fire hose. When they could pretty much say and do what they want to people of color without any repercussions. When they can play the enforcer and do and say threatening things to control the actions of people of color. That time was when America was great for them down here in the Southern States.

In truth, anyone who knows anything about history or America knows that America is and has been great because of its unity. 
And for so long, we, being most of the populace, have been fighting for that unity, that liberty stated in the constitution, that freedom in the national anthem, which we hope will allow us to live, love, and go forth into our lives in peace. 
With the United States being what it was made to be, UNITED, makes us forever great, and nothing could harm or stop us...

Now with the election of Trump, people born under oppression for the color of their skin or the difference in their language and culture face the threat of seeing our country's progress go back to the days of persecution. That is, down here, in the southern states. So, the major reason most people voted for Trump down here is because they are racists and sexists. 

Now up and over there in the western, northern, and northern-midwestern part of the United States, it's simply a matter of desperation. That is the real reason that people that aren't racists voted for Trump. 
That they literally allowed themselves to believe that a man that is not a lawyer, political scientist, political strategist, or politician can do something about a healthcare act is just stupid.

It reflects those classic situations I've grown up in time and time again. I have grown up in many situations where there was a lot of pain. I needed to get out of the situations for my own well-being. On top of all that desperation to get out of the situation, I still had to remind myself that it would be stupid to do ANYTHING to get out. That doing anything to get out could just make the pain worse or make things transition to another type of pain altogether.
Impatience and desperation together are truly unhealthy. 
This decision to just choose anybody, Trump, to reduce a fucking premium or make any kind of change somewhere, was just stupid. 

So no, they weren't majority racists in the western, northern, and northern mid-western parts of the US, they were just desperate, and desperation can make people choose to do stupid things. 
Making a fucking change does not happen by just destroying a plan or policy. Any policy or program needs to be improved upon overtime. It's sad when someone screaming they're going to tear it all down, with no plan for putting something better there, is good or okay to most people.
Well turns out, it's just stupid. And unfortunately, it led to a stupid-ass decision to elect someone that is adding more problems in the US by threatening deportation and violations on human rights here..

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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Go Politics: BOYCOTT!

In light of this year's election, this was snatched from my other place of writing and put it on this blog. I really don't give a tin shit about the monetary aspect of blogging. I work...
Anyway, times may get hard now considering the fact the government is run by true greed and bigotry. 
We have people in the government and a president-elect there that want to do anything they want even at the expense of harming others. 
This can be the loss of jobs, rights, and many other things that can harm us.
What the people have lost this 2016 is their peace of mind with the government. Which again I'll say, is bad for any government. If people can't rest, they can turn into monsters. 

We can and are going take back our peace of mind in the United States. In this nation, the government cannot operate for just a few. The government must operate in all of our best interest.
On top of all of our tools for getting what we want and need, if a body of power wants to try to harm us by taking away our rights and liberties, we have the wonderful creation called...boycott.


Now most of the people in the world know what boycotting is and what it does. This is more of a friendly reminder, and also to educate those fucking idiots that get mad or wonder why people are marching down the streets with signs and chants.

Boycotting is a tool used by people that need a change to occur 
based on their best interests or human rights. This can be 
considered public, consumer, or voluntary activism. 

Boycotting takes power from nations. It takes control of the decisions that are made in the government. It provides a balance in which people get what they need and want.
Boycotting does not have to be loud, such as marches and strikes. It's a tool that can be used in mutual silence. 
For example, a people can agree upon the non-use of a product or 
service and stop using it, disrupting the natural flow 
of business to stop a company or entity from utter growth and survival. 
People can walk through streets, sit in the streets, sleep in the 
streets, and utterly stop the flow of the commonwealth to make a change. 
This disruption is what creates the real change. Nobody wants non-functionality. Businesses cannot handle it and governments cannot handle that businesses cannot handle it.
Boycotts are dangerous to all bodies of power. It is a non-violent impact of major disruption. It is a weapon that was used by civil rights activists including Martin Luther King Jr.

No Playing Nice This Time
In light of this fucking horrible election, we cannot play nice. We have true racists, sexists, and all of the above in bad, in the White House now. Nobody likes this White House but the idiots that voted for him, and even they gradually realize today that they are idiots for voting for him. 

The idea is never to mutually ruin a business or the government. The boycott is used, or have been used in the past, to get the results the public or consumers need.
The unity a boycott fosters involves making certain that we all gain in all fairness. We don't want anyone in the government changing things and doing things to people without our express consent now; that's all. 

The aim is also for them to listen to our needs. They have already fucked over our wants and needs by electing this man. Now they need not try to do things that will infringe upon rights and liberties.
The essence of boycotting is letting people with power know that when we stop doing for an entity, stop supporting, and disrupt their flow like what they are doing to us, it hurts, complicates, and aggravates that entity to point where they are forced to give in to needs, they are forced to listen, they are forced to hear opinions, and ultimately enact the desires of the people. If not, then that entity faces a certain end.

Boycotting provides equilibrium in the world. United, we have all the power and can change any decisions that are made concerning our lives. Don't let yourselves be divided out there. Divided we face the obstacle of taking whatever is handed down to us. 
Boycotting allows us to kill unfairness and inequality in that we can live better lives.

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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Go Politics: So, You CHOSE Trump Huh Electoral College?

When I say you CHOSE Trump, you actually did because he didn't win the people's vote. 

Well, well, well...I'm not going to outline or even explain, the what and who, Trump is because you already know that. You fucking chose this person.

To anyone who doesn't know, Hillary Clinton, the more qualified one, won the people's vote. Yeah, SHE WON, and the electoral college fucked us out of a good future. Yep, it looks like you decided to say fuck us this election season.

And to that I say, okay, if that's how you want to do it.

Before I get started, it's only fair to congratulate you Republicans on your stupid. If you didn't know Trump was and is considered not smart when he said the word, bigly, then you may be shocked.

Also, congratulations to you Paul Ryan for your most perfect puppet-dog.
I am certain there's nothing better than a Speaker of the House getting a President that knows nothing about politics, the constitution, or amendments, or being a President even, and has to be told what he CAN and CANNOT do all the time.
And by who better than the Speaker, who the party likes and will listen to. It's too bad babysitting comes with this win also, but that's your problem.

Now the Republican's Trump, Trump Supporters, and Electoral Colleges, it's only fair in this blog post to give you fair warnings as we go into 2017.

First Fair Warning: The people are everything that is America. We are the democracy. This includes people that are protesting on the street or in any other way right damn now. 

We FIGHT for what we want and what we feel we need. 
We FIGHT for each other. 
And if we have to get down and dirty, then consider it already done. Our fight for our democratic rights, and the rights of ANYONE who has gained citizenship here in America, will not ever die. 
As as a result of Trump being elected, every fucking thing you do will be watched. And you can be sure we, the people, don't mind tearing it all down.

Second Fair Warning: Republican's Trump voters and supporters your President doesn't know his job description. He is not smart yes. But worse, he is not ready. He never was.

Everything he said about building a wall and tearing down the Affordable Healthcare Act, he has recanted. And of course, in presidential briefings you learn that you can't afford a wall. The Federal Reserve is not going to PAY for a wall. I'm pretty certain that he has definitely come to understand that he's not above assassination, and can't mosey on into Texas or any other state in his case.
A person in the highest office of the land will get you nothing, better yet, will get nothing done, if they are not very smart, strategic, a true leader, not hated by the parties or even one party, and do not have the support of the majority of the people in the United States. 
The oval office is all strategy. For someone like Trump, who is not knowledgeable about the position, his actual status, his responsibilities and limitations; he will be easily controlled. 
You will get nothing from this president. And from the looks of him today, you won't even get a person that rants making the crowd rowdy. However, if he does and you supporter's want to go towards violence or revenge, yeah we heard Omarosa's threat, remember First Warning.
We can and will unite and rip your administration and it's bullshit to pieces. Who the fuck do you think Trump is to us? Santa Claus? Nobody's fucking afraid of being on the naughty list HERE in the United States of America.
He may have recanted on the things he was going to change because it involves actual strategy and work. However, if he wants to move on somebody HERE in the United States of America because he thinks it's easy, you better revisit first warning. 
We are the masses. We fucking fight. We have more guns and weapons on the street than the fucking armed forces combined.
The POINT IS... he's in a league that is beyond him. He's joined in a game that he doesn't know how to play. And if you wants to go there and try to embody, 'When The Man Comes Around,' he and his administration is just going to fuck themselves here in the states. 
And now, on a more peaceful note, all Presidents have to abide by the Constitution or they run the risk of impeachment. Take a lesson from history and study Nixon.

Last Fair Warning: Citizens that protest the decision as to a leader can change that decision. The Republican's Trump is walking on the thinnest glass of anyone elected in history. People uprisings can change a regime and can destroy a government easy. The first thing I learned as a Political Scientist is that protests, uprisings, and so forth are DANGEROUS even HERE in the United States. The government doesn't want a violent protest and especially not a peaceful one from the masses. 

Protests disrupt the flow in terms of businesses, the economy and government. Take pages from history. Governments have been overthrown by the masses. Appeasing may not happen in this case because the people have spoken.

JUST A LITTLE FYI ON THE PHRASE, 'THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN': So many sit around whining about why people are protesting. Well, I'm sure it's because we are Americans and because we have freedom of expression here. The vote belongs to the people. How dare anyone or anything try to rob anyone of that. We VOTED for Hillary Clinton and that should have been the end result. WE the people CHOSE her, and when the masses choose it, it is what should be. That is our constitution. The job description of any and all Presidents includes the will of the people.

Now To US: Never ever give up on any injustice you feel. Even if we should ever stop the protest on foot and in writing, always point out and expose any injustice. Always bring it to the people, meaning, if you should see it post it and share it. We cannot allow our fellow Americans to be treated unjustly. 

We cannot sit idle now. There used to be a time when we elected someone and we didn't have to worry too much about evils and persecution. They were biased, ultraconservative, and out-of-touch with the American people they never shared an economic status with. That alone was extremely annoying and troublesome.
This time is different. We have a President-elect who has been threatening do a lot of stuff that do not respect our American values and people's rights. Now we have to be more aware and ready to fight than ever. Personally, I'm going to live on C-SPAN again like an inhuman eagle-dragon. No damaging policies allowed. 
And Democrats, I still love you. I hope that you will fight any injustice that you may encounter also. And to Hillary Clinton, YOU DID win because WE voted for YOU. 

And this is it; nothing left to say. All that's left is what will be done if it has to be done. 
To the Republican's Trump, Republicans, and the Trump voters and supporters; take heed. 
And in terms of revenge Trump, Confucius applies to you too; for every person you go after, make sure you have your own grave dug as well, like anyone else in the world. 

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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Go Finance: WARNING: YOUR Credit May Be Under Attack

... I guess I underestimated identity theft. I guess people can easily get access to my precious social security number and buy stuff easier than I thought. I guess student loans do need to be watched like we're a human surveillance camera....

At this very moment I have 3 interesting bad things on my credit. I learned about these interesting claims that make no fucking logical sense by an application sent to a property manager who could not read the fucking credit report she produced.

Well, I'll not waste time. My current credit report problem can be helpful to many.

Issue on Credit #1 
Verizon Wireless

This account was reported first as having been created in Lakeland, Florida in 2015 in Experian. It shows it as coming from Minneapolis, Minnesota also on the edition of Experian. 
Here's a quick overview of the issue. 
A Verizon associate or agent let a person come into a Verizon Wireless in both of these locations and drop a social security number, mine, and buy something a year ago that cost them up to $1600 dollars in Lakeland, Florida and $1300 dollars in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I say $1600 dollars in Lakeland, Florida because I was told this by an agent upon calling there.
How strange, since I live in North Carolina at addresses that are listed on my credit report. Hint to: Experian, Transunion, and Equifax...
This also makes you wonder if the Verizon associate decided to check the person's drivers license to see the address of this person, or do any kind of background check to match name with address and with social security number.
After getting lies from an associate at the Verizon in Lakeland, Florida concerning sending me an email that would help me in this situation; I decided to look on Verizon's website to find a fraud email link on my own. 
Verizon replied with a link for identity theft. However, you can't send it to them for processing unless you send certain items:

  • a Photo ID - easy
  • a Non-Verizon Phone Bill - easy also, don't have one, and Straight Talk is my cellphone company
  • a Police Report - can't do it, the incident happened in two other states, whose police would I file that with exactly
  • a Insurance Payment - can't send it because I have another person on my insurance and their information cannot be put at risk
  • a Mortgage Bill - I don't own a fucking house
And I may not ever own a fucking house because of this fucking bullshit; so I decided to file an abuse claim with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). I have received two emails from an Executive at Verizon Wireless to discuss the matter since filing with the BBB. However, I think it wise to leave this matter in the hands of the professionals. 
Moving on to the next issue:

Issue on Credit #2 
ACS Education Services (ACS)

ACS is a collection agency for student loans on behalf of Wells Fargo. Back in 2005, I had a loan with Wachovia Education Finance. Wachovia of course changed to Wells Fargo. However, ACS is the one that posts the derogatory mark on my credit report. 
Here's why...
Wells Fargo sent my loans to ACS for collection some time after I graduated in 2011. In 2013, I decided to consolidate my loans with the US Department of Education. I wanted all my loans under one servicing company (Fedloan). 
ACS decided to default the loans sometime in early 2013. After they defaulted the loans, the loans were sent to the Guarantor United Student Aid Funds (USA Funds). 
And so, when the US Department of Education bought the loan, they bought it from the companies that had the loans. USA Funds got the money for that loan amount and of course ACS got nothing. A representative of ACS told me that they are just keeping that derogatory mark on my credit report because they have some secret rule within themselves, that I signed no contractual agreement to adhere to or be bound to, that when they default a loan they can keep it on my credit for 7 to 14 years for no apparent reason.

This one hasn't gotten my worse move yet. I'm still mulling on that. But may this serve as a warning to you student borrowers, do not let that student loan get into the hands of ACS Education Services (ACS). American Education Services (AES) is good. If it's ACS, get it out of their hands by all means.

Issue on Credit #3 - Medical Fraud
Medical Charges via Collections Agencies PMAB LLC & Professional Med ADJ Bur established by Riverside Emergency Physicians
Medical Charges via Merchants ADJ Service established by Coastal Radiology Associates 
Medical Charges via PMAB SRV established again by Riverside Emergency Physicians

Okay, I reside in Eastern NC in one town that has one hospital with one address. That hospital is Martin General in Williamston, NC. I have gone to my hometown hospital's ER and that is the hospital that should be on my credit. And honestly, that hospital is currently on my credit right now. 
However, I have a mysterious hospital on my credit that is called Riverside Emergency Physicians, which is located all the way in Newport News, Virginia. 
I have another medical facility on my credit report called Coastal Radiology Associates. One Coastal Radiology Associates is located in Jacksonville, NC and the other one is located in New Bern, NC.
These facilities claim that I came to visit them in June 2016. 
This was a month that began with me traveling to neighboring Greenville, NC to provide the dreaded, but necessary, urine sample for my new part-time job. This is also the month that continued with training and ended with me in production, in which I'm actually working part-time.
Riverside Emergency Physicians has sent information to a collection agency in Charlotte NC called, well labeled, PMAB LLC and Professional Med ADJ Bur located in yet another place in Charlotte NC. Coastal Radiology Associates sent information to Merchant ADJ Service in Mobile, Alabama.

FIRST OFF; I'm not going to drive all the way to Virginia to visit a medical facility when I am surrounded by medical facilities here in Eastern North Carolina. The entire economy here is medical in Eastern NC. 
SECONDLY; I'm not going to run out all my damn gas driving for over an hour to another town or city for something I can get at the local hospital.
THIRD; I have considered that the collections were sent by the hospital that is in my hometown that I HAVE visited. But it can't be, because their big stupid name, Riverside Emergency Physicians, is on the report as the one who sent the collections bill to PMAB LLC and Professional Med ADJ Bur. Their address is the one in Google as, 500 J Clyde Morris BLVD, Newport News, VA 23601. 
And this applies to Coastal Radiology Associates too, a medical facility that is located at 3606 Henderson Drive, Jacksonville NC 28546 and 722 Newman Road, New Bern NC 28562. 
And no, PMAB LLC, you sending a collection letter with the title Martin General with a PO Box in Maryland under Riverside Emergency does not matter. The facility I visited was Martin General Hospital in Williamston NC, not in Maryland or anywhere else. And as I mentioned before, they have their own collection agency on my account. 
The notion of non-accountability for all these false accounts is staggering, but this one is just plain lazy and stupid. 

A POINT THIS BLOG IS MAKING is that all these claims are damaging to my credit, and it is a credit that I have never used for anything but a single credit card and student loans. It's a shame that people can be put into a position where they cannot use their credit because somebody else used it and messed it up due to some company's neglect and lack of oversight. 
AS A SECOND POINT, if you are judging a credit report and are going to make a big deal out of the results on it, learn to slow down and actually READ the damn thing. These claims make no geographical sense. These claim's dates make no sense. 
AS A THIRD POINT, these claims are not only fraudulently on my account but they are reluctant to come off because these companies seek to punish ME for something they allowed someone else to do to them. 
Someone under them wasn't paying attention. 
Someone under them did not verify the person they serviced. 
Someone under them was falsifying information. 

And don't get me wrong, I know these companies can fight to keep this on my credit report until the day they die. Well that's fine, because I'm going to fight until the day they die too until this falsifying shit is taken off my credit report. 
And because I'm fair, to the fraud committing persons, go FUCK yourselves. 

And if anyone has this problem with their credit, they should pledge the same. This blog post will forever remain a warning to all students and all citizens to safeguard your information with your life and monitor your credit.

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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Go Justice: Petty Crime = Mass-Incarceration = Slave Labor = Modern Day Slavery in the United States of America

I'm back, and with a vengeance on the justice system. How dare they, prisons, jails, companies, ALEC, and corporations, reserve penny-paying employment for inmates that are locked up for their entire lives for petty crimes.

Petty shit, such as possession of a drug, selling of a drug, possession of a firearm or other petty shit, is a lot of the reasons why so many black and hispanic men have been incarcerated.
And shit, this was something I felt only happened in lower developed countries, this, meaning labor exploitation or modern day slavery. 

But no, apparently when a member of my family told me they worked all day for 0.17 cents an hour, I shrugged it off without a single thought. Then a documentary showed inmates made shit like furniture and so forth for pennies like common slaves and overall based on the 13th amendment. 
This is something I overlooked for years, and I have a booklet of the amendments!

13th Amendment Section 1: 'Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.'

THIS BLOG is about the fact that inmates shouldn't be making products for companies at all, and especially for pennies all day. It's about the fact that labor is being exploited under the 13th amendment, and modern day slaves are being made and have been being made by the mass incarceration of black and hispanic men in the US for fucking decades. 

It's also about the fact that all these years have gone by and we have had job shortages, massive amounts of adults and children going to bed hungry, and these companies have been giving employment, but only to inmates for pennies instead of the public because they don't want to spend any money. 

Want to save money corporations and businesses? Then be creative, have people work from home, have people work non-grounded, cut your facility or overhead costs. 
But don't continue slavery in this fucking country when it was abolished, don't keep screwing us out of our rights, a simple middle class lifestyle, and the ability to live a comfortable life.

The worse thing to have in a country are a bunch of ambition-less, money-hungry corporation and business owners that just want to get paid and nothing else. 
They have no ambition. They have no drive. They can't create anything because they're lazy. They just have this one stupid idea that takes off, and from there all they want to do is make money. They are a waste to any country because they give nothing, not even a simple well-paying job and help sustain economic stability. 

And to the federal government, you should have stamped this out a long time ago for the rights of Americans and the health of the economy. 
But no, you are turning a blind eye to it while it creates social injustice, terrorism, hatred, and violence. And the injustice, terrorism, hatred, and violence predominantly comes from the fucking police, so there's that problem. 

We have a massive multitude of social problems to fix. So much so, that when fixing them we will fix most of our fucking economic problems also.
Mass-incarceration and all forms of slavery needs to come to end for what soul this country has left. 

13th Amendment Section 2: Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

Changes can still be made by you Congress. What are you waiting for? Let people have their rights and their right to live. 

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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Go Clean Energy: Change Is Still Important

I'm back, and I'm still pushing the need and change to clean energy. 

Now I know it's been heavy lately. The election is coming up and we have a modern version of Hitler running. 
Not only are we now seeing how many uneducated people live in the United States, but worse, we see how dangerous not being educated is to the entire world.

All that aside, clean energy, meaning solar panels, wind mills, and with oil, a viable substitute, needs to be created, promoted, and supported. And when I say a viable substitute for oil, I mean a substitute for all of the types of oils we use. 

There are several solar panel companies popping up all over the U.S. AWESOME! 
People see the value in solar panels. They save the earth from pollution yes, they maintain a clean environment definitely, but most of all they help save people money; what could be better.

Money is the dominating factor in solar panels and a powerful motivator. They're just like tiny houses, efficient, good for the earth's trees, saves money, and provides a sweet little thing to own.

However, we still need programs and funding federal government. Most people have a piece of a job and can make some changes happen in terms of clean energy over time. However, a lot of people need help with the transition.

And yes Democrats, I know Republicans have done this horrible thing. They have endorsed this terribly stupid bigot man-child that could possibly win this election. 
He's going to sit on his ass and do nothing until someone insults him on Twitter, then he'll probably blow up their neighborhood with a drone. And it may even be his own neighborhood or a Republican's neighborhood, who can say. 

I know this, I understand, and I know it's hard, but we must move forward. We must take care of each other. We still need you Democrats, and we still need each other. 

Change to clean energy is still a necessity. Let us help everyone change for a better tomorrow still.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Go Green: Where Are The Trains?

Oil is non-renewable. Its depletion opens up problems for all types of services and products. On the other hand, we MUST go to and fro in the United States. 

I KNOW, the geography in this country is not designed in a way that every area is in walking distance. Needless to say, there are many places we must travel and not all of us are in the most ease-of-public-commute areas in the states. 

To counter the issue of oil depletion and save money, I propose trains, or commuter rails, for everyday public commuting. 

Trains are comfortable, or can be, and they have a stronger capacity than buses. 

This can decrease the use of vehicles, the consumption of oil, and decrease emissions into the atmosphere. Trains can also contribute to a cleaner environment and save the public money. To decrease the use of personal vehicles to save oil can only be done with more investment into public transportation.

I KNOW an initiative like this requires a lot of planning. It requires the laying of train tracks, the maintenance of train tracks, schedules, strong communication devices, and so forth. Overall, it demands extensive and stellar construction, design, and planning. After we have done all the hard work and spent the money, it will all pay off. 

In providing public commuting service via commuter train it would also establish a national industry which creates and maintains numerous jobs all over the United States. The hard work will be worth it when all the problems with oil and gas usage decreases, the opportunities in jobs increases, and of course the public gets to save money.

The Train

Nobody is talking about freight trains. We can't afford to go old fancy freight like in the old days. We can afford to go small bullet trains like the one in the picture in Gothenburg.

One major decision that must be made is whether the train will be for business or personal. This means whether there will be two trains or one doing both. Business, meaning to get to and from work areas which are not always commutable. Personal meaning to get to a grocery store, healthcare appointments, to shopping areas, and so forth. We have to make the commuter trains work for all of us.

What is important to note is the train does not take away from buses. Buses will still be excellent and very beneficial to everyone. They should be promoted everywhere and funded also.

And last, this new everyday commuting means should definitely be affordable, comfortable, and safe no matter who uses it. The more affordable, comfortable, and safe it is the more it will be used.

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Go Green: Fracking Issue

I hate to sound like the pushy-mc-pusher, but we need another oil alternative. Another oil alternative is better than having no oil at all. 
OR, we can invest in commuter rails or trains in the USA. This would decrease oil and gas usage. 
When I say we another oil alternative, I mean all the types of oil. We need ALL the types of oil alternatives.

Fracking + Issues + Non-control = Death

Fracking can kill us. It can cause pollution in our homes through the drinking water, on the land, and cost us in damages for the little oil it can provide.

Oil needs to be replaced or a means of transportation needs to be increased; fracking is not going to work. 

Fracking has already damaged some waterways and farmland.

To The Point....

I could go on and on forever about poisoning, damages, the waste of fracking, the waste of time, making alternative oil, making alternative means for travel for prevention, and so forth. 

This won't matter.

WHAT will matter are lawsuits from people who are getting sick or dying from this pollution. 

WHAT can happen is entirely too much damage in our waterways making it nearly impossible to live, meaning use water to cook and grow food. 
WHAT eventually will come to pass is that we will have to create oil alternatives. And yes, we will have to create all the types of oil alternatives or suffer without the products and means of travel we need, which will put us, the USA, in a national crisis.

Change is in demand. Change must happen. We cannot afford to ignore the fact that we must change the way we consume and use energy because we cannot afford to run out of what we need. Consider it federal and municipal governments. Consider it and embrace innovation for change. 

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

STOP THE B.S....Are You Really Voting For Trump?

I'm just going to get to the point....Everyone that votes for Trump is either too stupid to understand how to vote, don't really care about this country, are a racist/bigot, or a radical extremist gun owner/group.

Trump is all about winning. So much so he's trying to get votes from anyone, even a former KKK leader and militant extremist skinheads that tote guns with a desperation to have a race war some fucking day.

Trump is not going to do anything for anyone. This means he is not going to bring any jobs, protect this country (he doesn't know how), or make America great because it's already great. 
He is not going to do anything for any of YOU, even the idiots that give him the ancient Hitler salute. The White House and Presidency is essentially Trump's welfare plan. His plan is to be taken care of for the rest of his life since his businesses have not been successful across decades.

He is a lucky, extremely lucky, opportunist. People listened to his nonsense about fear and hate and embraced it. And that doesn't surprise me, those emotions are the easiest things to embrace by weak people. 
There are too many people in the U.S. walking around everyday believing that someone either WANTS to kill them in some way or someone CARES to HARM them in some other way.

America IS great. Our economy IS STILL strong. We have the STRONGEST military in the world and we RESPECT our allies NOT follow them like a puppy for money or support. 
This country will always need a great representative and strong leader. Trump IS NOT this. He is a whinning, ranting, insulting, lying bigot person who hacks opponents emails, or asks other countries to do it, JUST to win.

I would offer advice to all the so-called revenge-seekers that are mad that the U.S. voted Obama President for TWO terms, but you don't deserve any advice on revenge. 
You don't DESERVE revenge. You don't have nothing to go after revenge for. Nobody has done anything to you.

And in terms of you previous factory workers who lost jobs, why are you looking at the federal government? Why would you look for Trump to do anything also?
Business owners did this to you with their freedom. They made the decision to go have people work for less money, which is basic exploitation and modern day slavery. 
Trump nor the government can force these business owners to do anything. If he enacted a law to stop the free trade this could cause this country to lose more businesses and money for products and services sold overseas. This would also hurt all of us because we are a global economy.

Overall, this blog post is saying that Trump is the worse pick for President here and would be the worse president anywhere in the world. 
He is unpredictable, inconsistent, contradictory, unguided, delusional, uneducated, and he does not have any self-control. 
He talks like a child or ranting teenager and cannot be trusted.
And to all of you that will or are planning to vote for Trump, YOU don't give no more of a FLYING SHIT about the United States of America than he does... Please do us the common courtesy and waste a vote this November by not showing up to vote at all.

  Thanks for your time
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