Sunday, December 20, 2015

Go Green: How To Start a Trend: Green Freebies

We must change the way we use energy, therefore, there must be a movement. The movement must be profound and massive. We must all be inclined to change and it must be easy. It also must be affordable.

Currently, the solar panel is quite expensive. Most people, a lot of people, don’t have any concept of green energy. Survival is the thing that rules the mind. Keeping, obtaining, and having in peace, employment in life is the chief thing, while relaxing or spending time with family on your days off. There are too many people in this country that are without employment or clinging to employment. Therefore, the notion of bothering with changing the way we use energy is too problematic.
The freebie is a special alternative. The giving body or organization could contribute green alternatives, which could create a wave. This is the best way to get the green wave going. This includes the electric car, windmills, and any other green innovation that changes the way we use energy.

To the local and federal Government, or the government officials that want to see this change, giving out freebies is important. You could invest in this through a federal budget or some other program and send out good (excellently) working solar panels and how to install info. This also includes the electric car, windmills, solar vehicles, and any other green products that change the way we use energy.

Therefore, the freebie is the way to go. It is the most important way to start a trend that changes the way we live, especially in one of the richest countries in the world.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Go Green: Why We Must Change The Way We Use Energy

The Earth is the most unique star in the Universe. The environment is alive and uncontrollable. Fossil Fuels, carbon, oxides and other gases get emitted into the atmosphere. This of course has been happening for years. Not only is it ruining the quality of crops or vegetation and water in most less developed countries, but in some major countries. 

Mother Nature; The Earth

The Earth is serene, beautiful, timeless and versatile in its existence. The earth is bounties and can never be restricted or controlled. This is especially when one considers the weather. The weather is a living force. The earth responds to emission emitted into the atmosphere by vehicles, by cloud cover and chemical-filled rain. It is as if the earth is throwing our chemicals back into our faces. The humidity in the air the trees the more thunderstorms that can lead to tornadoes. The excessive heat in the atmosphere with chemicals cause a reaction just like combining chemicals to make something work or function. 

My theory is that the earth's weather responds to the use of fossil fuels and chemicals emitted into the land or air. Regarding the atmosphere, it responds with severe long rain patterns that can result in landslides or flooding that effect the ground vegetation and can destroy pavements. It also responds by hurricanes, major droughts, and volcano eruptions.

This Blog Post

This blog post is to repeat what has already been said by scientists all over the world. It repeats the fact that we must change the way we develop and use energy every single day. This is not only to protect the environment, but to protect our own existence. As a Geographer, I came to understand that the earth formed long ago through chaos into an ecologically balanced star for living beings. I have always felt that the earth will, if completely unbalanced ecologically, balance itself back out. This means that weather patterns could occur that could destroy development, civilizations and so forth while trying to restore its balance. 

The Again...

These weather patterns that destroy could also be caused by us. This can be caused by us when we emit chemicals into the air, which could effect the weather patterns of the earth. This of course would lead to climate changes, skipped seasons, too much snow, too much rain, too many hurricane seasons. and so forth. Overall, the earth protects itself, whether it does it alone or humankind forces it to by all the waste and chemicals in the environment and atmosphere. 

Change is good. In terms of energy use, solar power, wind power or hydro-power are feasible. Change is very important worldwide and necessary for the welfare of the environment and us, as well as wildlife.

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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Go Justice: Dear Jury

Dear Jury

If you like a person, you will not convict them of murder even if they are a murderer. Even a stranger must be aware of the favoritism, admiration, or understanding they give to anyone. If you're going to be a part of a jury, you should listen to what happened, the crime, before drawing conclusions on a person. Being a part of a jury is not like high school, where you judge whether you like someone based on what they look like, what they wear, or how they talk. 

Hey Jury

The way you look at a case is based in what has happened, not the life story of the person that has been charged. If the person who has been charged wants you to get to know them, they need to make a documentary about their lives and distribute the DVD on their own time. 

Come On Jury 

Recognize that once the notion of who the person is has been ignored by you (the jury), the lawyer(s) of the accused really have to face the charges and prove their client's innocence. Otherwise, their job is a cake-walk.

Listen Jury 

Just because someone has a lot of money, are famous, are your race, are your culture, have the same religion as you, you sympathize with them, you can understand or relate to their fears, you can relate to or understand their biases, the certain thing that made them uncomfortable makes you uncomfortable, you think they did a funny thing at one time, they have a great personality, they have never had a history of violence, their community likes them, they look like a nice person, they look so sad, they are crying, they know powerful people, and so forth; does not mean they cannot commit a heinous, evil, sinister, monstrous, diabolical, or outright perverted crime. Because Dear Jury, your job is to listen to what happened, the people involved, and what each person did while taking into serious scrutiny whatever evidence is presented and make a decision based solely on these things.

This blog is for the people who do not know how, misunderstand, or have no concept of serving on a jury. Not applicable to everyone, or all people that have or may serve jury duty. Thanks for your kind attention :->Twitter Feed = @tonitheprima

Monday, July 20, 2015

Go Business: Modern Day Slavery

What is modern day slavery? It is persons who are taken advantage of and/or exploited.
Modern day slavery, regarding labor, is when an institution demands 100% of your hard work in labor, but does not pay you enough to live. 

After recently seeing many incidents of low pay, shortened hours, and watching the documentary movie, The True Cost, the epidemic of over-working for pennies is an all too common trend that illuminates modern day slavery today. 

In the documentary movie, India appears to allow their people to work through the worse conditions, in the worse plant conditions, in which people were killed. India's citizens make only pennies a month. 

This type of labor today, which consists of people working for less than the cost of living, occurs all over the world. It can fuel injustice and injustice can fuel violence.

The reason for this blog is to promote awareness worldwide. There is no excuse for paying someone pennies, or what can be considered too less to make a living, for the labor they provide. 


Governments need to demand fairness. In the movie the government in these Least-Developed Countries just allow these things to happen. 

Most of the reason they allow this is because they take pay-offs for silence and ignorance towards the situation. This does not just happen in these Least-Developed Countries, but all over the world. Not all leaders can be bought, however, most of them can. 

Any government that has embraced the obligation of the public service role is obligated to be in favor of what will help, please, and satisfy the needs of the public. If not, then that institution should not label themselves a governing body. 

Here in the United States, the cost of living has gone up since the 1980s and 2009. The government here fosters modern day slavery because they have not updated the Minimum Wage Law.  

The current minimum wage law allows companies to pay as low as $7.25 an hour in some areas, which is below the cost to live in almost all areas of the U.S. 

Until this law is updated, people will be faced with needing government assistance to live. 


One cannot place the blame completely on the government. Most large businesses would rather lay-off than pay employees more money. This also hurts individuals or citizens. 

This can also hurt the changes the government makes to benefit society. The change to a higher minimum wage must be a joint effort. It cannot work when the government demands this change and businesses decide they do not like it and will lay-off 30 or 60% of their employees. 

Even in India, people that own the manufacturing businesses must change also. They need to have some consideration for their own people and demand more from these companies looking for laborers. 

However, one must also realize that these same plant owners are in a tough position. If they should demand more from these business owners, they may take their labor needs elsewhere. Businesses must want the same changes that the government does and vice versa. 

What Can Be Done?

What can fix, change, and regulate the way business is negotiated worldwide? The Trade Agreements Act that was created in 1979 could help with this. This is another Act that needs to be updated.

It needs to hold businesses accountable for their waste as well as create new rules in regards to labor and demand. In other words, it needs to be expanded with some consideration towards workers everywhere. 
The World Trade Organization could help with this as well. With the update of this Agreement, and the unification of governments, fair labor practices can be established worldwide. 

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