Sunday, March 25, 2018

Go Social & Justice: Feared For Their Safety

Recently, there was another shooting of a unarmed black man. His name was Stephon Clark and he was only 22 years old.
This is tragic and disappointing, as was every single incident involving an unarmed black man being killed by police officers.

The thing that sticks with me, and that continues to bother me, is the statement given to America by a superior police officer for the officers that killed this young man. 
That statement was, "the officers feared for their safety," which was followed with the reason why they shot at this young man 20 times in he dark. 

Well, the officers fearing for their safety in general and reacting by shooting 20 times at a person in the dark strikes a nerve in me in that it feels, sounds, ridiculous. It's a backwards statement. 
What I actually take away from the statement, "the officers feared for their safety," is that the police officers were fearing for their safety in the line of duty, which involves stepping into violent situations of many different means and methods to protect US from crimes which can include terrorism, terrorists, dangerous animals, and/or from danger overall. 

The point I'm making is, a police officer's job encompasses, is immersed in, is involved with, and is an everlasting part of DANGER. It's involves confrontations with violence, the violent, you know, crime. Of course, right? It is one of the world's most dangerous jobs. 
And to hear they shot 20 rounds at a unarmed black man in the dark because they were afraid something would happen to THEM, is ridiculous because this is what can naturally occur in the life of a police officer; something can happen to them. Harm can befall them. That you are scared is no reason to shoot blindly in the dark at a person not knowing whether they had a gun or not or if another police office was there even.

I don't appreciate this excuse. I don't appreciate any excuse for shooting an unarmed person at all, but this excuse of a police officer being afraid for their lives as if they didn't know the job would be dangerous upsets me, and I see this statement as an insult to America and the profession.
Every time this happens it looks more like untrained people being placed on duty, which needs to be checked in some way shape or form today. We tend to pay the price every time it isn't checked. 
There is definitely prejudices and racism behind this. That also needs to be checked as well before hiring and active duty occurs. Anyway, one can only hope the epidemic of systematic cowardliness in dangerous jobs and racism comes to an end one day. In both instances, this will take courage.


Sunday, May 14, 2017

Go Green: How To Change As An Individual For A Cleaner Environment and Better Climate - Really

Here are the ways one would go green, or live in a more energy efficient and cost efficient way for themselves, a better climate, and environment. These are fairly simple, they just need to become a habit. A lot of time it can't become a habit because we are so busy. This involves remembering to do these things and not all of us are in the best situations in that we are inclined to care. 

However, even upon crappy non-progressive days we must care because a hurricane, twister, tornado, cyclone, tropical storms, tsunamis, or rising waters or flooding will not deter or stop because we're having a bad day or year. In my case, remember the Tropical Storm Floyd.

Going Green Involves

Household Energy Use
Unplug devices that are not being used. Turn off lights in rooms. Charge up devices to use them most of the day, which all saves energy and money on electric bills.

Solar Panel
Invest in solar panels or just one. This reduces dependence on electricity and how much you pay for your electric bill.

Tap Water
Try to, TRY to drink kitchen sink water. This can mean making drinks like lemonades, teas, whatever drinks that you can create or ice water even.

Small is Good
Invest in a smaller house or a house that fits the needs for your family with small land. This reduces the waste and destruction of forest and land. Smaller homes keeps space from being wasted and save money and energy.

Commute, Bike, Walk and Reduce Emissions
This involves trains, buses, walking and cycling. This is is good for people living in a city or metro area where there are plenty of commuting means and businesses are under a mile or less.
Now in the South or towns where things can be miles away, we would need to decrease how often we have to drive to our stores and businesses. The way we can decrease commuting is by making a list of the things we need to get when going to the store. So, do a quick walk-through in the house to see what you need, make a list and then get everything in one fell swoop. Also, carpool to work if it is feasible. 

Recycle and Reuse
We must use recycle bins. We must try to reuse plastics and glass for any reason we can think of.

Food Consumption and Gardening
Most of us in America dont have a problem with this. We don't waste food. Keeping food from waste is important, but is hard because it means being mindful of how much just you or you and your family consume which is excellently done by mothers and most of the rest of us suck at. We can master this I feel and refrain from allowing our foods to waste. We need to be mindful or what we use and how much of it we use when we invest in it.
Growing food is great. And it comes naturally for all the green thumbs, so grow foods. Grow vegetables that you like to eat. I am a broccoli, mushroom, green, yellow, red pepper, and spinach person. For the ones that can't grow foods, you can always visit your local farmer's market. 

No Polluting
We have to use a trash can, trash barrel, trash bin, or trash bag when we are disposing of trash. It is common to drop it when walking because we don't want to carry it, but we must push ourselves to wait until we get to a trashcan. Trash gets into our waters which can cause health issues, death to lifeforms and animals, and also there can be an increase in rats, which is what we don't want because they are very smart creatures.

Natural Cleaners
Okay, on this one I don't have too much to give on. Some people use vinegar and water to clean and something called Borax. However, baking soda is a good cleaning agent and so is hydrogen peroxide and micofiber cloths for cleaning.

Last: Spread the Word and Put Up A Reminder List
Encourage everyone to do these things and keep a short list as your daily reminder.

And there you have it, this is the green initiative for the individual who cares to embrace it. Habit is key even with me, and surely but certainly we will get to better environments.

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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Go Politics: War on Terrorism 2017

It is evident we have a horrible president and administration. They sent missles over into a country thinking terrorism and terror can be bombed and afterwards it will all end or these individuals will yield. Terrorism comes from a deep-rooted shared individual place. It comes from past conflicts, wars, injustices, global neglect of oppressions, genocides, resource issues and so forth. 

Terror is truly stopped by the individuals committing the acts of terrorism. Terror is not something we can go to war against. This was shown by the Iraq war. Terrorism consists of the decision to commit acts of violence and/or oppression based on a shared ideal. You can't kill an idea with a missile or bomb. 

It takes other measures that involve attention, communication, a shared compromise, changes and so forth to stop an ideal. People have to want to or be motivated to change. Governments providing basic necessities such as education, jobs, healthcare, and equality can stop the rise in terrorism and even crime. Turning your back and being only the aggressor towards this behavior is not an option. As only neglect is what they anticipate and fight against.  

Terrorist organizations or groups are not led by the dumb. These are often very smart and educated individuals with strong strategies and justifications for their actions. This means we must use stronger strategies as well and not commit and cause casualties directly or indirectly by striking various spots on the earth. Only if the terrorist group or organization is bold enough to walk the land in a unified army can their be an actual war, and one could possibly their use big shiny missiles.

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