Sunday, April 15, 2012

Go Social: Pharmaceutical Medicine - New Drug?

Driving to work on Friday, last day of the week to the glorious weekend listening to the last song go off on a frequency that normally plays, a slew of commercials came on.
In one commercial that comes directly to mind, an offer went something like this, "are you feeling a sudden change in mood, well there's a solution for you." 
And after this introduction, they offer a pill. This pill is supposed to stop us from having random mood changes.

I just had to wonder, does anyone out there see pharmaceutical companies becoming drug pushers. Not pushing crack, cocaine, or heroin; nothing so destructive.

However, prescriptive drugs for some enhancement or minor prevention. 
Does anyone else see prescription medication as the new type of drug and pharmaceutical companies as the pushers? 
Pills are addictive too, or can be made to be. Not that the major intent of company's like these are to create addicts, but then again preventing changes in moods, are they trying to make addicts?
I didn't think that is the case or was their intent when they first began their enterprise.

Gradually, every single day, medicine is used to cure the common cold, to the common pain, then it suddenly branched out to cure your emotional problems. 

It's meant to be a safer break from the emotional pain than the common drug like marijuana or some other amphetamine. 
One must be curious about the long-term effect on these company's revenue and their drive because of it. 
Certainly creating addicts isn't a great thing, but as an economy that's under a global struggle to sustain ourselves it could be beneficial.

This said, knowing the greed that people can harbor, I doubt the revenue generated from this would help anyone but the rich get richer.

However, I marvel over the idea that drugs in some way or form has been cleaned up and legitimized.

It's a business that only needed to appear more professional. It's a business that needed the aid of some master chemist's manipulation of common and uncommon street drugs. And today, because of it's cleaned up and legitimized looks and investments; it thrives.

So they question is, has pharmaceutical drugs become the new thing to help with the common stresses of life? Does it replace marijuana and the common amphetamine? And over time, will it prove to be a danger to our health and minds? Only time can tell....

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