Friday, January 27, 2017

Go Business: And Now...This In The Business Checklist Moment Number TWO

Welcome Back Businesses Small and Large....

We have come together again to recognize the simple matter of functionality for success. Let us go deep into our processes and weed out the issues and problems that stand in the way of our business production....

How do we do this? Well, simply by the way we have done it before; our beloved checklist below. 

It straightens the jagged, ruptured, or quite possibly stupid path that some of us may have taken. The scrutiny is always in business and the things we need to run so business can flow prosperously and efficiently. So, let us begin...

US Human Working Conditions & Business Success Checklist 2

Update, Update, Update, Troubleshoot

  • It doesn't matter what kind of software or hardware you use, it must be updated
  • It doesn't matter what kind of network you have, it must be reset and updated
  • It doesn't matter how many workers are able to begin work with no problems, not everyone will be able to if its not updated
  • If you blame employees for no production in light of a software issue, your company will fail
  • If you blame employees for no production in light of a software issue, you are ignoring the issue
  • If you don't acknowledge the the software issue during production downtime, the software issue will only get worse
  • If the software issue gets worse and workers are penalized for it, you will lose workers and production
  • If the software issues get worse overall, you will not be able to maintain production and your company will FAIL
  • Keep your focus on the software you are using
  • It must be monitored
  • It must be tweaked
  • It must be updated
  • You need a programmer or two 
  • And also, it must have the GB to handle the workload
  • If it does not, or gives continuous issues, you must update, enhance, reset, reprogram, or switch-out, but remember  everything, EVERYTHING, in terms of your production rests on the capability of the software ONLY...

And here you have it, the Successful Business Checklist 2

... If your business is handling the software is uses, your business is truly AWESOME, and will thrive prosperously forever. You will have happy employees that are glad to come to work being that they are able to work comfortably and progressively.

... If your business is not on top of their software and are constantly trying to progress through every work day in denial or upon luck, you are on the verge of screwing up your business. Get yourself together before you go under. 

This has been (2) of the Business Checklist For Success Moments...
Thanks Readers...
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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Go Politics: Each Other

After this January 20th 2017, Trump was sworn in as our president in the United States. And we, the people, lost a government that was and is trying to work for the people. 

It is in donating and supporting each other in various ways that things get taken care of now. 
Supporting our free health clinics, keeping them open. 
Supporting our food banks and churches, keeping them able to give food and sanctuary for those who are in need are all excellent places to start and to continue. 
All of this is everything that is important to us and society. I'm glad that the majority of us who voted Hillary Clinton are so very united and marching and protesting today. Unity is important today. Helping each other is important right now.

I can't say anything for the ones calling themselves Deplorables and/or Trump supporters. I can only guess they will dwell in their own circles and wait on Trump and his administration to do things for them. 

However, our unity and fight for our liberty, rights, and well-being in this country is important right now. We should have a base in every community for helping each other. These places would be the free clinics, food banks, and churches used to help people. Give your pennies or what you can to help each other live.
For health, give donations to free clinics. 
For food, give to food banks.
For sanctuary or a place to sleep, give donations to churches. 
To businesses, open your doors. If you could give a minimal amount of hours to a person seeking a job, that would be great. If you can only give 15 hours in 5 days at $5.00 dollars an hour to a person that mops a floor, takes out trash, or cleans tables that would be good. That is at most $300.00 a month. This is not a living, but it is something that will provide needed things until something better is obtained in terms of employment or better aid from an organization.  
To churches, if you could give a place to sleep for those who are homeless and are trying to get on their feet, that would be great. 

We must be organized. We must give support. We must help each other. We must fight for each other. 
America is not a terrible place because America is our home. Ignore this horrible president Trump and his government. Throughout my whole life, from the 80s to today, I have seen that whenever a change is made, sure the government can and has opened doors, but the people make the real changes. 

We have ALWAYS done it ourselves. We still can and we will because we know America cannot work without each other.

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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Go 2017: The Road Ahead

It's 2017

2016 was the most troublesome year. It will be set down in history as the worse year. 

To start everything off, my resolution is no more cursing in my blogs. Resolutions are just that easy. It's your will to stop something. Strong will isn't all you need, but you do need it. 

I'm being the change I would love to see. Tiny is my life. People thought it would cause suffering. It's actually very comfortable and comfort is where I'm headed. Therefore, tiny is where I'm going. 

Global warming is the truth. The Earth is heating up. It can ruin our way of life and kill us. This is in the form of bad weather patterns and storms. However, the real truth and ambition behind stopping global warming and all that cause it comes from the fact that dependence on one source of anything is stupid. Things always come to an end. Change is important. It's smart. Wind power, solar, hydro, battery, it's all good change and worth the adjustment. In change we only make ourselves stronger and better.

GREED... Nothing hurts a good change quicker than greed. Nothing ruins progression more than selfishness. To change to another energy source takes money out of the pockets of the people that are making millions off oil and gas. However, they're going to lose money anyway if it all depletes. Everything can't run off one source. 

SPEAKING OF GREED... the election...the only one that was ever given to a foreign power and a person that has no idea what's going on or what to do. It was given to a person that is and will be controlled by some of the most persuasive and ambitious people. To think, so many voted for this man because of his hate-filled, bigot-filled rhetoric and lies. They pretend they didn't hear, grab them by the p---sy, that he didn't say he walked in on teens who were undressed, and he didn't give permission to hack. If they shout  anything at me on Twitter or anywhere, they are ignored. He is not competent for the highest office in the U.S. 
Do all who voted for him and got him in there dare say this decision is still smart? All that desperation, these stupid things done out of desperation just to find that the nation has been handed to his good friend from Russia and no change or progress will come.

So, this is our 2017 where we go into a true abyss. This is where we ended up. The majority of us aren't following and depending on the government, especially not now. I wrote about this in this very blog. I called it United Support. I didn't want it to be on this scale though. It was meant for communities in poverty. United Support means just us, the people of this country, helping each other in every way to make life better for each other. 

I still think United Support is the way. I still say the masses do it all. I still say, when change is needed and help is needed, we all come together and make it happen. We come together in our town, in our city's neighborhoods, in our communities large and small, and make it happen. Coming together means everything. Being divided ruins all.

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