Sunday, November 8, 2015

Go Justice: Dear Jury

Dear Jury

If you like a person, you will not convict them of murder even if they are a murderer. Even a stranger must be aware of the favoritism, admiration, or understanding they give to anyone. If you're going to be a part of a jury, you should listen to what happened, the crime, before drawing conclusions on a person. Being a part of a jury is not like high school, where you judge whether you like someone based on what they look like, what they wear, or how they talk. 

Hey Jury

The way you look at a case is based in what has happened, not the life story of the person that has been charged. If the person who has been charged wants you to get to know them, they need to make a documentary about their lives and distribute the DVD on their own time. 

Come On Jury 

Recognize that once the notion of who the person is has been ignored by you (the jury), the lawyer(s) of the accused really have to face the charges and prove their client's innocence. Otherwise, their job is a cake-walk.

Listen Jury 

Just because someone has a lot of money, are famous, are your race, are your culture, have the same religion as you, you sympathize with them, you can understand or relate to their fears, you can relate to or understand their biases, the certain thing that made them uncomfortable makes you uncomfortable, you think they did a funny thing at one time, they have a great personality, they have never had a history of violence, their community likes them, they look like a nice person, they look so sad, they are crying, they know powerful people, and so forth; does not mean they cannot commit a heinous, evil, sinister, monstrous, diabolical, or outright perverted crime. Because Dear Jury, your job is to listen to what happened, the people involved, and what each person did while taking into serious scrutiny whatever evidence is presented and make a decision based solely on these things.

This blog is for the people who do not know how, misunderstand, or have no concept of serving on a jury. Not applicable to everyone, or all people that have or may serve jury duty. Thanks for your kind attention :->Twitter Feed = @tonitheprima