Saturday, February 11, 2017

Go Politics: That Government Control

Came upon a documentary trailer reflecting the importance of programs that are pro-gun to protect our rights from the government, and I couldn't even get through that trailer. The NRA and the people that support them are so terribly backwards. They have always been backwards. Government control has taken another more sinister turn for a long time. 
Gun control is about preventing military-grade weapons, the weapons that can kill people in group or crowd in less than a minute or so, out of the hands of certain criminal offenders and minors. 
Government control is and has been all about creating dependence. 
This is done by the measures taken over the years to restrict the ability to live except for by chasing the things we need. 
Today, the majority of us are limited to chasing the things we need, settling for working anywhere, and doing nearly anything to survive when life should be for us to live.

I've been chasing my needs for a long time only in the South and in rural areas where jobs are restricted. So much so in my entire life, my clothes have to be torn to shit before I replace them.
I have never ever been a club type of of woman. I have always loved to experience places, people, foods, and the arts. Music, dance and arts, and the like. 
And for the longest time, all I've been doing is chasing the ability to live the way I need so I can take care of myself the way I should.

My suggestion and promotion for everyone everywhere involves ending dependence. The tiny revolution and minimalist revolution is a type of direction for this. However, no one says that you have to go tiny. But I started off this way, in my rooms, in my dorm room where I kept everything at a minimal, and still today. 

The first person that inspired me was the innovator Burt Shavitz of Burt's Bees and the documentary Burt's Buzz. Burt inspired me when I saw him in his tiny house that was and appeared to be absolute comfort for him. And if it's comfortable for you, then it's home. From then on out, I wanted my own home and for it to be my type of everything in size and in taste.  
I encourage all people to move in all directions that is consistent with their lives to end dependence. This is how we get from under big companies, small companies, having to work for anyone and in any conditions for any pay to survive. 
This is how we get from under government control and harsh obligations. We curb our needs. We end control. We take back our lives in that we get to direct what we do, how we live, how we earn a living, and in what conditions and when and where. And with this freedom, we decide what we'll do with our lives.

Your strategy here has to work for you. It has to work for your needs. If you go into this lifestyle of minimizing for your own happiness, or if you create something that's just yours or for yourself and your family, its all worth the hard work and time to take back control of your life....

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