Saturday, July 28, 2012

Go Social: Racial Profiling, the Silent Killer

Racism and discrimination is something that has definitely taken its toll on this country. Instead of shedding it off like a bad style, people embraced it from the 1800s on up to today. 
It still determines who gets employed, how much one pays for a petty theft than another, and whether one can walk peacefully in any portion or part of this country's neighborhoods. It's still this lingering stupid thing that has succeeded in making us blind, stupid, now it's getting us hurt and killed.

Racial Profiling

Today, it is crazy to neglect racism. It's crazy to pick favorites among people anyway. This used to be something that we could laugh at. 

It was just aggravating when the cashier followed you around and around in a circle throughout the itsy bitsy clothing shop. 
It was laughable when you were followed while you're shopping for something in the store by one employee until the manager gets in on it too. People would look at you and wonder if you're a celebrity or are these uniformed bodyguards. 
However, now this racial profiling suspicion is harming us, not completely by making this country out to look like it's filled with a bunch of idiots, but with extreme violence. 

Neglecting one because of their skin color is stupid especially when the one you're neglecting because their white supposedly has secretly come to not just harm you but everybody. Mass shootings happen in the midst of racial profiling. 

The absolute truth is racial profiling is a silent killer. It makes us unprepared for incidents like the one that occurred with James Holmes in the movie theater.

It makes us unprepared because of the assumptions one has about another. They ignore their better judgement because they assume certain types of people fit into a certain stereotype. 
It's sad that because of the assumption-having-people of our population that we may have to make every place out to be like airport security.

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Go Justice: Freedom of Speech and Expression for Whom?

EXPRESSION is a thought communicated by language...they can be symbolical or a bodily expression...Meriam-Webster

When I returned to Google+ one day, the news in my section had a headline elaborating on the trial reported from some Breaking News titled: Judge Sentences Former Rutgers Student Dharun Ravi to 30-day jail term

For those unfamiliar with the case, this is the guy that planted a webcam on his roommate,Tyler Clementi's, intimate relationship with his male partner. 
This guy, Dharun Ravi, planted it to expose Tyler's homosexuality to everyone including his family. This may not be the only reason because most people do it because they're perverted...
After this occurred, Clementi of course was humiliated but was also being forced to come out of the closet. Not wanting to and humiliated, he committed suicide by throwing himself from the George Washington Bridge. 


I was shocked at this verdict. I was also shocked at the liberty a person can have in this country in that they can commit such an act on another human being. 
This the act of psychological bullying, stalking, voyeurism, discrimination, a hate crime, and humiliation perpetrated by Ravi on Clementi to the point that he committed suicide to get away from his torment. 

So I had to wonder, who is freedom of speech and expression really for in this country?
Is it for the people that have money? 
Is it for the people that are heterosexual? 
Is it for people that are religious? 
Or is it just that the judge can chose whatever they want when a verdict is passed to them. The judge appeared to expressed his opinion in this verdict. Ravi expressed his opinion. People express their opinions about homosexuality all the time. What about the victim of this? What about his opinion?

Everyone can use freedom of expression and their right to live and go to and fro but Clementi, the young man who had been stalked, spied on, humiliated, and mentally tortured to the point of death. 

Our Rights

We have the right to freedom of speech and expression; this is true. It's the expression that some seem to have some misunderstandings with. It seems someone has found a loophole in our amendment so they can be abusive to others.

Do we also have the right to express our hatred or jealousy of someone to the point that the person could die, could get killed, or kill someone? 
This is definitely where such spying behavior can lead to is my point. The verdict given to Ravi states that a person gets to express themselves, in belief or otherwise, with your humiliation and you get no justice for it. 
It's not only saying this to someone that can be in Clementi's shoes, but to parents who send their kids to college, that you will get no justice if this should happen to your child by some pervert stalking them.

...Crimes against Humanity, defined by the Rome Statue of the International Criminal Court Explanatory Memorandum, " are particularly odious offenses in that they constitute a serious attack on human dignity or grave humiliation or a degradation of one or more human beings - Wikipedia....

Was this a crime against humanity? Yes, the perpetrator did commit an act to shame or humiliate and degrade or shame. 

Tyler Clementi was a young guy with his own relationship, minding his own business; living his life. He had a right to live his life however he chose and with whomever he chose. 

This sentence of 30 days and probation is a slap on the wrist to people who violate someone else's civil rights. This will lead to more violations of civil rights because everyone will expect to get a slap on the wrist if caught. 
This creates that everlasting problem that leads to exploitation of people, young or old by others, which eventually leads to crimes against humanity and could result in violence. 

We are a country that have had our share or riots and social issues dealing with racism, degradation, treating people inhumanely and we don't need to carry these ideologies any more.

This verdict has placed bullying and sex exploitation at the bottom of the social priority list. 
If the leaders of this country have amended freedom and civil rights, we should demand that citizens grant the same freedoms and liberties to fellow citizens and suffer the consequences of violating another's civil rights. If not, then we might as well tear up our amendments granting rights of any kind or rewrite them. 

If we continue to ignore providing justice because of bias, hatred, racism, and discrimination in this country, I think it will be the destruction of us as a society.  

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Go Social: Pharmaceutical Medicine - New Drug?

Driving to work on Friday, last day of the week to the glorious weekend listening to the last song go off on a frequency that normally plays, a slew of commercials came on.
In one commercial that comes directly to mind, an offer went something like this, "are you feeling a sudden change in mood, well there's a solution for you." 
And after this introduction, they offer a pill. This pill is supposed to stop us from having random mood changes.

I just had to wonder, does anyone out there see pharmaceutical companies becoming drug pushers. Not pushing crack, cocaine, or heroin; nothing so destructive.

However, prescriptive drugs for some enhancement or minor prevention. 
Does anyone else see prescription medication as the new type of drug and pharmaceutical companies as the pushers? 
Pills are addictive too, or can be made to be. Not that the major intent of company's like these are to create addicts, but then again preventing changes in moods, are they trying to make addicts?
I didn't think that is the case or was their intent when they first began their enterprise.

Gradually, every single day, medicine is used to cure the common cold, to the common pain, then it suddenly branched out to cure your emotional problems. 

It's meant to be a safer break from the emotional pain than the common drug like marijuana or some other amphetamine. 
One must be curious about the long-term effect on these company's revenue and their drive because of it. 
Certainly creating addicts isn't a great thing, but as an economy that's under a global struggle to sustain ourselves it could be beneficial.

This said, knowing the greed that people can harbor, I doubt the revenue generated from this would help anyone but the rich get richer.

However, I marvel over the idea that drugs in some way or form has been cleaned up and legitimized.

It's a business that only needed to appear more professional. It's a business that needed the aid of some master chemist's manipulation of common and uncommon street drugs. And today, because of it's cleaned up and legitimized looks and investments; it thrives.

So they question is, has pharmaceutical drugs become the new thing to help with the common stresses of life? Does it replace marijuana and the common amphetamine? And over time, will it prove to be a danger to our health and minds? Only time can tell....

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