Saturday, April 29, 2017

Go Politics: Undermining = Stupid

Trump and his administration want to continue trying to use nonrenewable energy. They think it would be good to drill in national monuments now and mine in them. It is obvious he's trying to please billionaires and millionaires on this energy level. It is also obvious he's trying to stop all programs that Obama started and his administration. And yes, he really doesn't care about our ability to live and exist as humans and lifeforms, possibly because the only way he could win the election is by the electoral college.

The bottom line is, trying to undermine someone for purposes of revenge and one's own pompousness is always destructive and stupid. This need to ruin our renewable energy and environmental programs will stop our swift ability to change the way we use energy. This hinders our ability to end the dependence on a energy (oil) that can and will deplete, and worse, that we have no universal replacement or substitute for. 
Oil is used everywhere in almost everything. In a couple years or less, it may be gone. This undermining of great renewable energy programs for no other purpose but to be better than Obama and the previous administration is wasteful and stupid, or, very not smart for all you sensitive Trump supporters. And sadly, all this administration is doing so far this 100 days is wasting time and hindering progress.

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