Saturday, July 2, 2016

Go Healthcare: Stop Profit From Sickness

Today, there are numerous deaths because of prescription medication. This leads many to believe that healthcare facilities are looked upon as the primary institutions that maintain sickness for profit. 

There are accidental overdoses, constant sickness, degrading health, long-term treatment, and the lost of the public's trust. And this lack of trust is as if all the people that are doctors are money-hungry, not all of them are.

However, money has been made to be primary here in the US. We have a very strong capitalist system. Everything costs and not exactly pennies. 

That everything costs in general, can reduce the value of services. And this means, a lot of people in the healthcare industry only care about getting paid not providing great service. Not everyone feels like this or works with the money-loving mentality, but a lot of people do.

So...The Answer To The Statement in The Title...

To stop profit from sickness involves simply taking the capitalism political structure off of healthcare. Free healthcare does this. 

If free healthcare is used, it will make the service that involves providing healthcare non-monetary based.

This can give the government strong control over pharmaceuticals. Which would involve maintaining complete control and oversight over the products the pharmaceutical companies offer or distribute to hospitals.

With control over healthcare distribution and hospitals, they, the federal government, would be entitled to all control and oversight.

And Just To Put This Out There AGAIN...

Medicaid and medicare supports hospitals alone. How do I know? The medical billing and coding classes and training. 

NO insurance, credit cards, and pocket money can support one hospital altogether in any metropolitan or low-income area anywhere in the states. 

With free healthcare, doctors will not get pay cuts, they are not going to be homeless or selling their Mercedes either. If that were the case, they would already be dealing with the living hell of pay cuts and going broke. 

HOWEVER, they are not because the federal government is, and has always been, supporting all hospitals except the ones that do not accept medicare and medicaid patients. 

Medicare and Medicaid supports every single hospital in the United States of America and pays all salaries. Always have been and always will.

... and that's my take on the issue of preventing profit from sickness... my soul thrives and roams on Twitter @tonitheprima... thanks for reading...