Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Go Land-Use Planning: Community Revitalization Just Needs To Be Started

I know that when some residents look at community revitalization it seems as if it is the hardest and most troublesome thing in the world. It does require observing and acknowledging all the problems in the neighborhood.

These problems can be trash, deteriorating houses, bad yards, terrible potholes, tree trunks growing in the road, fallen trees, bad weeds growing from deteriorating houses, crumbling sidewalks, un-supplied public schools, no transit, and so forth. A lot of the communities in the US require a lot of work. 

In all this, solutions vary. Because issues in a community are aggravating and tiring, all solutions must be simple. 

We take time out of the day for picking up trash. We get metal drums for destroying it. We use recycle bins for plastic and elect someone to take them to a recycle center. Or, we could call a center for recycle and get them to pick it up. We fill in potholes, put cones around the broken sidewalks, keep the yards trimmed, and just stand and stare as those damn tree trunks coming out of the road, like, what the hell. 

SURE there are major issues that hurt revitalization, such as the deteriorating house next door and the tree trunks. 

Tree trunks demand new creativity in a neighborhood. It would require a work-around which involves changing the entire landscape to suit it. Another major issue is the landlord-abandoned house and yard. It would be hard for the community to get together and try to get the yards taken care of. That property belongs to a landlord somewhere. It is not anyone else's problem or responsibility. It is also something that no one wants to pay the local lawn man for. It is also something that no one wants to be going court for because they are deemed trespassing.

THEN again if its not taken care of, families would have to worry about the snake that crosses the road, ventures onto the sidewalk, fires, bats, rats, and just complete ugliness. Nobody wants the neighborhood to even look like a haven for criminal usage with abandoned ragged houses. 

COMMUNITY revitalization requires money, and I of course promote the usage of pennies. I had someone say to me that their home needed a lot of work. I told her that you just have to start making changes on your house and property board-by-board. 

For a home buyer or owner, this is something one would do as a low-income individual. And for low-income individuals, this is the wisest way to do it. It takes longer, but it gets done.

THE point this blog post is making for any and all communities is that revitalization only takes time. It takes patience and compromise especially with those landlords. It is necessary only to begin the process of revitalization. And it does not have to be an everyday thing, maybe only on weekends or some other time. 
Overall, begin the needed changes in your neighborhood or community together with a clear plan and approach to all the issues and it will definitely pay off. 

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Go Lifestyle: The Only Real Progressive Societal Change

It starts this with one concept, we have to do it all on our own. 

Change in society, in everyone's lives and communities, are in demand all over the world. And with the protests, riots, and boycotts, the only thing that comes is violence.

If it's not pepper spray, rubber bullets or clubs across the head, it is outright neglect and oppressive harassing behavior. 
Pushing when pushed appears to get us nowhere.

This brings me to the point this blog is making. It introduces united support. 

United Support in this regard means the people of communities supporting their own communities together. This not far-fetched. Some neighborhoods already do this.

This will be difficult for the ones that cling to the middle class in terms of income, for the low-income neighborhoods, and the poor.

A lot of the people that are living in these neighborhoods will laugh. They will scoff and say what is very well known, which is reflective of all the issues one has when the income and life situation is not up to par. 

When one cannot, or can hardly, take care of themselves and their families it is very hard to focus on anything else. 

It is depressing when your problems or some else's problems in life have put you on a bad path that you cannot escape from. 

However, we must move forward and fight for what we need and want in our lives. If we don't, we just suffer more until we die.

In these particular neighborhoods and differing parts of the United States, everything that we get is dependent on ourselves and each other. Helping our own communities statewide, or nationwide even, would be excellent for all of us.

So How Does This United Support Work? 

First, people of all communities and cultures must come together and work together. It demands collaboration, compromise, and communication. 

Second, it works with your pennies. Community revitalization, community programs, better education and better school lunches...see my blog post titled Go Education: Hey US Public Education Needs You Attention..., and safety in neighborhoods all need to be supported. 
Overall, these things can all be supported by us just like maintaining our own health is on us. At least the nutrients we cannot afford to buy in foods can be gotten in supplements.

What's true and the issue here is that almost everything involves money. Support requires money. 

This issue is countered by supporting only the important things. 
Of course nobody can afford to give hundreds of dollars. But change, that is, dimes, nickels, pennies and maybe even a quarter or two would be enough.

Who Gets The Pennies and/or Other Currency? 

Give your pennies to you local free clinics, to the public schools or you can buy supplies in bulk if it can be afforded, to the maintenance of playgrounds and community or neighborhood yard care, to your community food banks, to your local church, and to your local fire department. Say what you want about a fire department, but firefighters are known to show up in ANY neighborhood before the ambulance and the cops.

And if there's a guy with a riding lawnmower, that is the guy to pay to do yards and other parts of the neighborhood that need to be kept groomed. 

Come together with your change and pay the man for what groundskeeping services he can provide. Nobody needs to have a snake living in any area where kids may go or pass by.

And I know 99.9999999% of you will curse me, threaten to slap me, and may click out of my blog altogether. I understand this, but I will put it up here anyway. Here goes, donate your pennies to your local police department. 

I know. But, not all of them are bad. 
Not all of them will appreciate the support and gesture, but most of them will. Of course this is not an obligation, all neighborhood or community leaders definitely have a choice.

I hate to say that it is all on us. That maintaining our health, happiness, needs and welfare as the citizens of one of the wealthiest countries in the world is on us, but it is.

What this blog post is saying overall is that if it's got to be like this then fine. We can handle it. We must handle it. It cannot go undone. It is dangerous for us and our families when it goes undone.

Any community can come together anywhere and help maintain each others welfare. Any nation of people can do this also.

We can make sure each child gets a breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We can live in a decent neighborhood that is clean, safe, and progressive. We can do anything together.

Give it chance.

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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Go Lifestyle: Our Human Condition

We all know about status in the world. It means a lot to multitudes of people. There are the wealthy, rich, a middle class, the low-income, and the poor. 
In a wealthy condition one can afford everything they need and want. In the rich condition one can afford things also.

We, the struggling middle class, low-income and poor have been on our own for a long time. Needless to say, the human condition varies for us. 

I realized a long time ago that we have to change, adjust, use stronger strategies, be wiser, and embrace each other to survive. 
We have to deal with our human condition on our own.
And not just to survive, to live and enjoy life.

I think in terms of a minimalist in all things except food. We got to have food for the whole day. That means breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And snacks, we got to have snacks.

However, in other things we have to minimize or simplify. This is for all our typical reasons such as in order to deal with our limitations on good jobs, minimum wage, affordable healthcare, high taxes, skyrocketed interest on everything we try to own, high gas prices, the inability to afford mobility means, and so forth. 

WE have to change even if these things never do. 
We have to simplify and minimalize our own lifestyles. We have to support things in our own communities and neighborhoods with our pennies. 

So many in the world want to convince others that there is no other way. That the only way to live is to have lots and lots of money. One thing is true, money is a necessity for needs. We must have it for that. However, we all have had to adjust to the limitations and we can do that based on our own creativity.

Eliminating the constant spending of money is vital to living in a lower status human condition. 

Ending dependence is important individually and internationally. Being creative to this end is very important. It just takes some thought, and collaboration if you have a family and/or are married. 

Eliminating dependence within your household is very personal. I could not tell anyone how to change based on their own condition without knowing it. 

Everything exists, happens, and changes with the preferences of the masses. We are the boycott if we choose to be it. 

We all have differing conditions and are in a different place in life. We all have to change based on our own terms and lifestyle. 
We won't all be exactly the same. 
However, I think we can all agree on employment, healthcare, safety, energy, environment, and community.

Overall, this blog post is saying that we who are in the lowest positions of the human condition are faced with having to change and make smarter decisions for our own betterment. 

This blog post is saying that if we need to change our lifestyles, we CAN do this. It is dependent on our will to change personally. 

This blog post is saying that if we want to change our community and neighborhoods, we CAN do this. It is dependent on our will to unite and change together.

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