Thursday, April 21, 2016

Go Business: Kudos to the Underdog Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Let me say that I have never ever said bad things about businesses and corporations. I have pointed out loopholes and issues worth acknowledging, but I have never said anything bad. 

I have said we love money and that includes me too. We, being the key word. 

This blog post is giving props, love, kudos, pushing-up, lifting-up, what I call, the underdog of businesses that employ people.

This blog post is also saying thanks. 

First Off, What Are the Businesses I Am Referring To? 

These businesses employ people here and across the globe to provide services, support, and so forth, either from home or a business headquarters. 

These businesses provide the customer support, the product support, the marketing, IT support, and so forth, needed by larger more globalized companies. 

These businesses are astounding, not just because they are virtual and home-based, which is very smart, but because they hire. 

Its true, it is really truly very hard to become permanent in these businesses, but they still hire. These businesses let the background check do the talking and keep-it-moving. 

In a matter of hours you are getting your systems, equipment, and yourself ready to get started working.


Most other businesses waste their own time and people's time. They care about what you look like, where you're from, getting to the core of what you want out of life, your goals, your dreams, your purpose, what you believe your purpose to be, what kind of life you have, what you will do after work, and this is all in several interviews that will eventually boil down to them picking whose face or personality they like, among other things.

You have upcoming bills, you don't have time to waste.

BUT NO....

Not the underdog business processing services provider that outsources, no, no, no. They don't have time to waste on what you look like, what your nationality is, and where you're going in life. Their time is for hiring, and nobody's time gets wasted with them.

And like 99.999% of you that are wise and/or smart; I appreciate this. This is GLORIOUS. 

These outsourcing companies are focused on hiring and that is that. They need a worker and you have the time, the experience, are willing to be trained, and are ready, therefore, you will do.

And because of this, they get the Kudos today, they get lifted-up, they should be celebrated. 

They DO suck at providing permanent work, but they DO excel at providing employment and experience. 

This blog post wishes them success, lifts them up, holds them in high regard, and hopes in their success in that they may grow and provide jobs. Temp is nice, but permanent is much better. 

              .......just a warm thanks from toni......

Friday, April 8, 2016

Go Land-Use Planning: Make Green the Desolate

There are benefits to revitalizing an area that has been abandoned. It corrects the land for human use, and in this day and age allows more green living. 

There are several neighborhoods that can be acquired from landlords doing nothing with land that can be made into green communities. 

What is unused can be revitalized for human use. This only demands cultivation, a green thumb, great design, and creativity. It does not necessarily require tens of thousands of dollars.

The cultivation and revitalization of these areas prevent pollution. This helps the land and allows for better land use. This can also create a green trend based on how wonderful we Geographers and/or Land-Use Planners make it. 

This would also be excellent for low-income individuals living in these areas. Better designs, ease of living, being able to commute to city or business sectors/jobs on foot or by cycling is feasible with creativity and design.

As is evident, the federal government can allow such a change in these neighborhoods with employment and monetary support. Monetary in terms of getting the land from landlords and allowing the skills that can develop and maintain these areas.

However, even if there is no movement by any government, people of the neighborhood can revitalize it themselves. We can, as Americans, take back our own neighborhoods and protect our own health. 

The point of this blog post is to remind the federal government of the conditions of abandoned neighborhoods, the possibilities that can me made with this opportunity to make a positive change, and to remind the people who may live in these areas that they can take their neighborhood to whatever level they desire. Why not, it is abandoned. 

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