Sunday, February 28, 2016

Go Business: 5 Years of Sale Representative Experience, Really?

I was browsing the internet, looking for more interesting jobs in the market today, and came across a Work-At-Home Inside Sales job. 

All companies remain nameless, out of mere respect. 

First off, Work-AT/FROM-Home jobs are the best. Who wouldn't want to sit at home and convince people to buy things all day. 

Anyway, I came across this Inside Sales Representative job and it had a long list of everything an employer would expect of an employee. 

Then I get to what this blog post is all about, and the job description demands that the person or applicant have 5 years of Sales Representative Experience.

5 Years!

First Off Businesses,

If a person has been doing any sales representative work for whatever company, in whatever country, state, and city or town for 5 years non-stop; they are extremely successful. 

I have done Outside Independent Sales Representative work and the only thing that I have become is partner to a major retailer. 

Needless to say, the experience is short-lived if there is no real monetary success. 

In short, if a person has 5 years of Inside or Outside Sales Representative success, or continued Independent Business Sales, they can start their own business. 

They have done extremely well. And if they have done extremely well in this field, then why work for you on your time. 

And also, being good at sales, whether inside or outside, is not that hard. Yes, you need to be able to speak well and really understand and communicate all the benefits of what you are selling. 

But most importantly, with sales it depends on your geography (where you are located), it depends on the economy, what you company offers, the complexity of the product, product support, customer convenience, the flexibility of investment prices, and how flexible the salesperson can be....just to name a few.

If the Sales Person has to stick with a certain verbiage and cannot make deals based on the customer's budget, then there will be hardly any sales unless the customer or client is stupid, easily charmed, very wealthy and you're the lucky chosen one, or inexperienced when investing in a product. 

Overall, some businesses continue to set the bar very high in terms of employment. This to me has no real meaning and benefits anyone, not even you. Most of the companies that do this only offer jobs, not careers, so just calm down. 

Based on the factors stated for this Inside Sales Representative position, if you hire someone with no experience, trust me, you will get the same results. 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Go Green: Solar and Wind Combined

As you well know, I am a major fan of solar and wind energy. And this time around, I want to introduce a brand new concept and machine for producing this kind of energy. 

Solar energy can appear pretty weak and just too iffy in terms of using sunshine to provide energy to sustain a whole house and electronics. Wind power looks pretty scary because, what if the wind is not blowing, how the hell will we sustain our energy.

And the notion of the potency of this power, the amount of power one can get is also iffy. You never know how much the sun is going to shine. You can never guess how much power you will get from wind on certain days.

Therefore, I propose combining the two. This would be a windmill with solar panels on the propellers. Solar panels could be placed on the back and the front of the propellers. 

This means that if the wind is not blowing, the sun will make the propellers turn. If the sun is not shining, the wind would make the propellers turn. If neither is going, then a back-up will make the energy.

Yes, the creation of a back-up like a systematic battery is very important. This could be an automated generator attached to a home and the solar windmill to provide energy.

The merging of the two renewable energies could definitely be beneficial to us all. Had I any sense of mechanics or robotics, I would try to create this myself. However, it must be left to the craftsmen and craftswomen in the world.

And here is my genuine idea to make life easier people. Going green is all about making living easier and saving money. 

I would not be mad at the individual who creates something like this using this idea. Actually, I would be excited to see it and experience it.

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Go Green: Convincing Energy Providers to Go Green

  I think a little convincing is needed regarding going green. Convincing energy companies to go green comes with the question; how is this possible? The second thought is, energy providers may 
be entirely too greedy to change. The other thoughts are a reflection 
of these thoughts but in different ways. 

  Energy providers may LOVE MONEY$ entirely too much to even consider change. Change is work. And when people have made money in their lives and still can, they are very reluctant to change.

  Most energy providers love money more than they care to breath, see, and go outside. Most think that if they have enough money, they can build a virtual outdoors so there's no need to go outside. 

 Businesses have a lot of control over the world, and their company's economy. Countries can take restrictions off of business owners in the hope that they will benefit the economy and see them do nothing but lay-off people so they can get wealthier or richer. 

Maybe there's a way we can compromise or make a deal.

 The federal government and municipal governments make tons of money from taxes. They can even file taxes on the grants they give 

for whatever reason they give them.

 The idea is, maybe energy providers that switch to green energy, that is renewable energy, can be allowed to charge taxes to the masses or payments can go to them in the form of small subsidies in the equivalent of taxes. This is of course something that the public will have the option of complying with.

 The idea is posed to be considerate to energy providers. They have 

started a business made money, they live well, they eat well, and having to change sucks. However, the environment can kill us and destroy property, even theirs. It looks to me that change is inevitable. And also, it isn't as if you won't be remembered and celebrated for the rest of your existence for your innovation and brilliance. 

 Having put this out there, YOU, small business owners, individuals, and the Federal Government, could beat businesses to the punch. You could adopt this idea, along with the free healthcare and the taxation that would fund it and of course make you some money. 


 I can't stress this enough. In the past I have bought about 8 items in a grocery store and paid over $25.00 dollars; that is too much. Anyway, this a way to go. 

 And the free healthcare can be two-fold, for the people who want it, and other people that don't want it can just stick with insurance.

 Anyway, being the company that makes the energy revolution so is important and beneficial. It benefits multitudes now and future generations.

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