Saturday, October 17, 2015

Go Green: Location, Location, Location

Location Analysis, this is another very important contribution to the world that can only be contributed by a Geographer and Land-Use Planner.

This is very popular in the UK, however, not so popular in the U.S. This profession consists of strategies that contribute to the very special location of where businesses should locate. The specialist makes sure the business locates in the best place to operate with the full benefit of the consumer and business.

Waste clean-up and revitalization of many areas nationwide is important also. It is the cleansing and rebuilding in a sense of our nation's worst areas. We would do this so that the areas can be livable for maybe a park, or a community, or a business, and so forth.

I feel we should push for the idea for some machine that utterly destroys waste. I push this mainly towards engineers, and mechanics, and chemists; you guys could handle this one. This system could include actual machinery for disintegrating trash. 

We cannot just keep taking it and dumping it, by charity, on some other country. We cannot dump it onto an island either. Not only is this inhumane, but it is a danger to the world's health.                      

Mankind is supposed to be the ruin and end of this world. Well, I have a strong belief that as long as there are Boomers and a Generation X, this will be next to impossible.

And about this ruin, many theories say it begins with too much consumption. Most of the experts on the subject could agree with this. The use of too much land can ruin the land and use up water, displace animals (usually again upon us), or destroy ecosystems that we need.

However, location analysis only contributes the most when there is clean reusable land. It can be used to protect us, the animals; all lifeforms. Therefore clean-ups, tear-downs for rebuilding, and waste management and disposal should become the norm to us in this land for future benefits. 

Geographers, again, you can do what I can't do. You can make certain that location analysis is a special vibrant movement by establishing strategies and plans to clean-up, revitalize, destroy waste, and rebuild for better more efficient communities all over America. 

With some of you already working with/for the federal and state governments, you could exert this type of influence with a special plan for the best outcome. I am really cheering you onward as you scan this blog post.

Location is very important. It can be beneficial on a micro (individual lifestyle preference) scale, and on a macro scale. It can provide the best access to some one thing and the amount of revenue to some other thing. It can provide the best protection and the least amount of problems. It is essential in a country, and should be very important to you. If it is not, then it definitely should be. 

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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Go Business: This MBA

People have said a lot of things about me over the course of my life. The most popular things were stupid and crazy. They got the stupid part wrong, and I put all my crazy into my short horror stories.

An MBA is absolutely EXCELLENT. The reason why one would get an MBA is because the of the obvious reasons, it makes you much more business savvy and ready to control the most crucial aspects of a business, which is actually ALL aspects of a business.

Believe it or not, courtesy of UNCC and Ashford University's Forbes School of Business, this will make me the very best Geographer and Dragon-ness I know how to be. 

Geography ws a great starting point. 
The education involved the training that led to all those classes involving visiting actual places to develop research reports, maps, and present and discuss my projects in front of my countless freaking PowerPoints; thanks UNCC. 

And then there was there was the Political Science education, thanks again UNCC, Six Sigma TQM training from South Piedmont Community, and of course, an MBA with Project and Environmental Management Specializations.

There is no part of the government or any entity that can say that I cannot handle any project that I go after. They could say my administrative EXPERIENCE is lacking because of the lack of an internship.

However, I have given companies countless work for free over several months. If that's not an internship, I don't know what is.

The FIRST reason for this post is to reiterate the fact that, of course, the MBA is not for the weak. But also, you NEED an MBA. 

This business education consists of every single component needed to run a business, how important it is, why it is important, improving upon it, and the importance of finding a great accountant. 

Accounting and Finance is grueling if you are not a math person. I am not a math person.
You need the in-depth papers that will show that you understand management and business theories independently when it comes to the knowledge that one must have when running a business. 
If you are going to RUN your own thing, you NEED an MBA. If you're going to APPLY for grant and RUN that thing; you NEED an MBA...


The MBA is not necessarily about running somebody else's business for them. It is often obtained so most people can run their  own business. 

I have to put this out there because it is a very popular belief of companies that he MBA is for their business. It isn't.. As soon as a person that has an MBA applies to work for a company, the first thing that MOST HR Personnel think is that the applicant wants to run the company. 
Some often think we are appyling to their company for a leadership position. No, no way. 
Some MBAs may, but only for those Fortune 500 companies that offer things like Investment Banking or Global Operations Management, however, not usually for an average company. 


Second, the MBA is for the ones who want to be of service to the economy in products or services and jobs. Of course, the plan is to run your own company just not all by yourself. There's that lingering word stupid again. It is also to sustain a company and contribute to the existence of the American Dream. 

Last, having the MBA is important in showing that you have the capacity to run a company, to handle your goals and objectives, to show that you are a hard-worker, to show you have no problem with understanding and developing ideas, plans, and strategies for all the challenges that may befall you while running a company. 

You get all this behind you when you get an MBA, and don't you dare let anyone tell you that it is worthless.

Education is only WORTHLESS to the FOOL. 

So to all the MBAs, develop, create, grow, sustain, promote, become a GOOD dragon, do it all and do it excellently. Let nothing hinder you nor drive you away from what you need and want to give or provide.

I would say the world is yours, but somebody may compare you to a gangster movie and ruin your whole image for nothing. 

However, I do think the world can be run by you. 

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Friday, October 2, 2015

Go Green: See Why We Need More Land-Use Planning Than Anything Else?

... See this? 
This comes from Land-Use Planning gone bad. That this Mountain Lion can even be in the same vicinity of an area to climb up a light pole is just too much and too bad.

Some people laugh at this and ignore it, but this can or could have caused some major issues. 

There could be a fire caused by a broken power line, death of a person in the encounter of a Mountain Lion, death of the Mountain Lion because of the encounter with a human and a gun, or death of the Mountain Lion because of the damned power line. 

In the report, there is a school bus and children laughing as the animal was so afraid of humans, and of course, the noise of children, it climbed up a light pole to get away. 

Now, I understand getting away from the noise, but the notion of climbing that pole in the hopes that it is a normal tree used to escape is what is sad and dangerous. 

And then there is a school bus passing through, so one has to wonder how close the school is to this animal's habitat. 

For goodness sakes, the USDA Forest Service says that Mountain Lions are often drawn to children.

Well, Geographers, that are working as one, you can do what I can't do. You can offer better Land-Use Planning strategies to prevent further development on the Mountain Lion's habitat. 

You can unite and suggest a mandate in your State on the basis of public and animal safety that proclaims that property and power lines have to be built at least a couple of square miles away from the Mountain Lion's habitat and that vegetation must be left high and dense. 
And in the event of dealing with an area close to the desert, Palm Trees can suffice when thinking of high vegetation. 

This is a simple small strategy that can fix a problem that can become big or much worse for people and the Mountain Lion. 

The developers don't lose the opportunity to build. The Mountain Lion doesn't lose its habitat. Nobody gets eaten and no animal gets shocked to death. 

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