Saturday, June 3, 2017

Go Justice: End Genocide

I refuse life's unfairness. I refuse to embrace it, recognize it, or believe in it. I have otherwise recognized the horrors and atrocities brought on others by their fellow human-being. Label me irrational, nonsensical, and way to much of an idealist. Overall, I dislike, hate, the notion that one must die, can die, or be made to suffer and die by the hands of others directly or indirectly. 

Saw a picture by Kevin Carter, a famous photo journalist in the 90s, by accident. It was a photo of a Sudanese child in 1992 starving, or being made to starve, in a war torn area. As she crossed the ground to get food or drink she collapsed on her face, and a vulture swooped down and stood behind her. Needless to say, I stared at the picture in shock and disbelief, and the image has been with me ever since and will be with me forever. 
Sudan was in a civil war, yet I selfishly thought, why didn't somebody kick that vulture. Give the child food. Give the child water. Whisk the child away to safety. Sadness, anger, rage, and the absurd need to see that vulture kicked and cooked like a chicken, consumed me then and still at times. It's presence made death real, irreversible, and definite on that child and people in that area. That photo itself shows the worse truth of humanity and suffering.  

Most people too often think, let the world burn, no matter, the fire is over there, it won't touch me. But it will eventually, because the world is burning. 
There are a lot of people that don't just live in a bubble, they literally don't have any concerns outside themselves. They are walking a straight line and not looking to either side of themselves. And when or if they should encounter a hole, they just step over it and continue walking unless they should fall into it. Only then do they notice others and scream for help. The world's problems, other people's problems, are nothing unless they touch or effect them. 

Genocide should be an issue that all the world leaders should unite against and prevent or end completely. Genocides are atrocities committed that give too much control to people. No one should be allowed to have control over another person's life and ability to live. And how pointless genocides are, they are blatant inhumane cruelty based on petty differences, hate, racism, and/or discrimination.

Genocides take from our relationships and only leaves a constant stream of human conflict. Allowing genocide to exist means tolerating people expressing or practicing their judgment on the people they discriminate against or hate. This only causes conflict, wars, crime, and terrorism. And leaders trying to dodge wars will have to face crime and terrorism, which will eat their wealth still. 
All nations should adopt the provision that punishes genocide in order to stop it. The countries that don't are probably guilty of doing it or allowing it. And Hell follows them and us, because the world will burn, and a fire that is not put out only spreads. 

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