Saturday, May 13, 2017

Go Green: Ignore Climate Change and Die

We are in the times of rampant spontaneous storms, ever rising waters, and dying lifeforms. We as human beings have a responsibility not just to ourselves but the lifeforms that we are superior to. To have those in power of Government and/or of industry turn their backs on the influences of humans on the climate, the earth's condition, because of a refusal to change, profit or some other personal endeavors is not just stupid, non-progressive, and increasing dependence, but lazy. 

We all must change. Change is important. Change will end dependence, foster new ideas, better innovations, and all for everyone to live better lives. 

Climate change may not be touching everyone yet, but it will. Earth is a living star, unbalanced by our influences on the climate, therefore dangerous to us and our global community members. 
We, the people, must change even if the powerful won't. If we change, everything must change with us. 

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