Sunday, April 9, 2017

Go Business: And Now...This In The Business Checklist Number THREE; Go Live Chat!!!

Welcome Again Businesses Small and Large....

Brick and mortar closings are on the rise. Brick and mortars are dying a slow steady death in the states. Meanwhile, Amazon is still on the rise, and rises like a phoenix, never to die, but to rise everlasting. And why not, they exist as a slash brick and mortar but primarily online.

An online company is convenient, simplicity, quick, and comfortable. This saves money for the company and continues increasing profit. 

And employees, how great is it to work from home? It is great, however it isn't the best. Customer service, meaning phone-to-phone and/or VOIP is not so great. 
It is expensive and stressful. Not only are employees expected to never have a bad connection caused by wind, the ISP, or something entirely unknown to them, but the mandatory robotic language and a mistake in information leads to complaints, bad reviews, discontinuation, and even the threat or action of lawsuits. This includes bandwidth problems, some unknown technical interference that screws up calls, constant updates to the software pushing upgrades forcing changes to the software.
... This is a living hell ...

Simplify Businesses; incoming calls are just not that effective for businesses and all the problems are not worth it. So, I have here the Business Checklist #3 as a Recommendation; Go Chat!!! 
Embrace the use of Live Chat software and applications for ease of customer support and service. And also, allow yourself to save money and remain profitable...

US Human Working Conditions & Business Success Checklist 3

  • Go Chat because it reduces customer and employee stress; Ease of Giving and Receiving Information
  • Go Chat because it's Heaven for employees; Flexible Working
  • Go Chat because it's easily monitored; Quality Control
  • Go Chat because it's easy for the customer to use; Ease of Use
  • Go Chat because software issues won't always stop production; Universal Apps
  • Go Chat because bandwidth woes are less of an issue: No Hindrance of Production
  • Go Chat because of the ease of record keeping; Documentation Ease
  • Go Chat because customers can easily be assisted in multiple languages; Culture Friendly
  • Go Chat because people are easier to reach internationally; Increase of Customers
  • Go Chat because the customer's data is more secure; Security
  • Go Chat because viruses cannot harm the customer's information; Virus Protection
  • Go Chat because people can easily reach support: Swift Assistance
  • Go Chat because VOIP is more expensive; Low-Cost
  • Go Chat because employees or agents can provide multiple assistance; Multitasking
  • Go Chat because of decreased robotic assistance; Annoying to Customers
  • Go Chat because you will get happy employees; this will get you some employees that will want to work on weekends
  • Go Chat because it saves money; Reduces Expenses
  • Go Chat because it increases customers; Agents Are Always Available
  • Go Chat because there will be swift problem-solving; Clear Communication
  • Go Chat because customers can easily get help, assistance, and support whenever and on whatever device at any time of the day on the site or the app

Overall businesses, live chat or chat support is the way to go for all these reasons. It will keep your business production stable and any issues are easily visible. 
Documentation is easily kept and monitored, meaning the flow of the call and the communication. And most importantly, it is great for the employee. And a happy employee does an excellent job, they are courteous and receptive to criticism and embraces knowledge to get better for you and the customers. 

... If your business is using Live Chat or Chat Support, you are gonna be immortal phoenix never to die. You will be as successful as the most immortal online companies...

If you are not using chat support or live chat, you overspend, you lose production, you risk viruses and malware, and again are constantly trying to progress through every work day in denial or upon luck. You are officially on the verge of screwing up your business. Try it another way before you crash and burn. 

This has been (3) of the Business Checklist For Success Moments...
Thanks Readers...
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