Saturday, January 21, 2017

Go Politics: Each Other

After this January 20th 2017, Trump was sworn in as our president in the United States. And we, the people, lost a government that was and is trying to work for the people. 

It is in donating and supporting each other in various ways that things get taken care of now. 
Supporting our free health clinics, keeping them open. 
Supporting our food banks and churches, keeping them able to give food and sanctuary for those who are in need are all excellent places to start and to continue. 
All of this is everything that is important to us and society. I'm glad that the majority of us who voted Hillary Clinton are so very united and marching and protesting today. Unity is important today. Helping each other is important right now.

I can't say anything for the ones calling themselves Deplorables and/or Trump supporters. I can only guess they will dwell in their own circles and wait on Trump and his administration to do things for them. 

However, our unity and fight for our liberty, rights, and well-being in this country is important right now. We should have a base in every community for helping each other. These places would be the free clinics, food banks, and churches used to help people. Give your pennies or what you can to help each other live.
For health, give donations to free clinics. 
For food, give to food banks.
For sanctuary or a place to sleep, give donations to churches. 
To businesses, open your doors. If you could give a minimal amount of hours to a person seeking a job, that would be great. If you can only give 15 hours in 5 days at $5.00 dollars an hour to a person that mops a floor, takes out trash, or cleans tables that would be good. That is at most $300.00 a month. This is not a living, but it is something that will provide needed things until something better is obtained in terms of employment or better aid from an organization.  
To churches, if you could give a place to sleep for those who are homeless and are trying to get on their feet, that would be great. 

We must be organized. We must give support. We must help each other. We must fight for each other. 
America is not a terrible place because America is our home. Ignore this horrible president Trump and his government. Throughout my whole life, from the 80s to today, I have seen that whenever a change is made, sure the government can and has opened doors, but the people make the real changes. 

We have ALWAYS done it ourselves. We still can and we will because we know America cannot work without each other.

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