Saturday, December 17, 2016

Go Social: Sexism

Sexism as you know is discrimination based on gender and is typically upon women. Women are too often looked upon by many as inferior to men. Most women in history and today are treated as the property of a man when they are in relationships.

No one can say they haven't seen any instances of sexism. It's in rape allegations, if the man is wealthy or rich. It's in pay and positions in too many places. It's the way a woman is treated and the amount of respect a woman is given in many positions even when they are doing the same jobs as men.

It ranges from cases like Lisa Bianco, murdered by an estranged husband who was allowed out of jail and she was not warned as she asked. This was 2 years after a video showing her battered swollen face. And it even extends into international instances, such as Neda Agha-Soltan, murdered for just protesting as a female.
There appears to be no end to the expression of superiority of men on and in women's lives. So much so, this superiority complex is even in our fucking politics STILL. 

The stupid decision to elect Trump only keeps our country from moving forward to a United States that will only get better for everyone. And if it's better for the population, it will be good for the government. 
However, to plunge our fucking country into reverse, fuck up our international relationships, and what peace we have here in the states that would make this country much more united, is a stupid move because of the belief that a woman could not or should not handle such a demanding job. 

They actually elected a person that is not politics-literate and involved in hacking the system, into the most powerful position in the United States just to keep a woman from having any control.

And you have to wonder, is this what they want to do, plunge the world into near chaos and ruin the United States for nothing but sexism? 

OVERALL, it doesn't matter how many people on this earth say or treat us as if we are inferior. We won't ever BELIEVE that lie. We won't ever embrace the bullshit. 

We can't embrace it. Life and the decisions we make in it continues to show us our worth and strengths every single day. We do what we must for us and our families. We too often change for and because of the situations we are in. We've been strong, and elegantly so, while fighting for what we need and want in this world even alone. We stand on our own two because life demands it, and really, it's no problem. 

To the men who believe and express this inferiority, go ahead and give up on the lies. It's true that in this day and age, you may see women that don't believe in independence. Enjoy it where you can, because the vast majority of us are unafraid going into the future and independent as well. spirit is forever roaming on my feed on Twitter @tonitheprima