Saturday, December 10, 2016

Go Social: Black Lives Matter

That black people or people of color have to say this, march for this, fucking care to say or reemphasize this in any way is not only a shame, but it continues the hypocritical bullshit denial of systematic oppression upon people of color.

People are literally trying to throw the phrase and movement back into the faces of people of color and its supporters. 
How fucking dare anyone?

Since the end of slavery, men in power in the US have tried to either control or kill people of color. Their genocide is just in the form of limiting and restricting resources, or allowing terrorism in the form of the KKK and other racists groups. 
Jobs and opportunities are and were restricted for people of color therefore crime became and becomes the means to survival. And this was meant to harm us, because crime of course leads to death, destruction of lives and communities for the ones who commit the crimes (drugs being the most common means), the ones who use the drugs, death by the police from committing a crime, death when fighting each other over resources, or slavery, meaning locked away in prisons for the rest of our lives.

In the days of the civil rights movement, Martin Luther King Jr and many more leaders were fighting for equal opportunities and equal treatment. They were fighting the machine that labeled people of color inferior and the hatred and oppression this caused.

It's time that black lives truly mattered. There are too many people who look at people of color like there is no worth in our existence or as if we have no humanity.
This is shown by the constant instances of the police and justice system making decisions with violence and punishments reflecting the lack of concern for the life of black people since and before the brutal murder of Deandre Brunston. 

There is no magical cure for racism. And there shouldn't be, people should pull the stick out of their hateful ass and allow each other to live. Racism has to do with the attitude and behavior one has towards another. If this changes, it would have to be individually. Sadly, the change is far-fetched because there are so many people that have no confidence unless they can say what they want to others and do what they want to others to feel as if they are better than someone else.
Racism is stupidity, yes, but very lazy to me, because it is up to an individual to look outside their own lives and situations and understand others. A lot of people have been through living nightmares and heartache in life. I have had my own suffering, and all alone I have experienced terrible things. 
However, I refused to allow bad life situations to keep me in a bubble; uneducated, not open-minded but blindly rejecting different people, cultures, beliefs, or groups. If I can look outside myself in simple consideration and understanding with all the rage and hatred I've had in my lifetime, I know others can too. the Black Lives Matter Movement, persevere onward. Don't EVER let injustices go unpunished and unheard or allow inequality to go unchecked or unexposed. Today, it's past time that black lives mattered... retorts exist on Twitter @tonitheprima....