Sunday, November 20, 2016

Go Politics: The Reason People Voted For Trump

Sure, people voted for Trump because they didn't want someone in there that supports the Affordable Healthcare Act. Premiums are very high. Sure, people voted for Trump because they felt overlooked by Democrats as a person or family clinging to the middle class. And absolutely, all or most of these people reside in in the western, northern, and northern mid-western regions of the United States.

However, down here in the South, Trump looked like a dream come true to certain people. 
Down here, you can see graffiti saying, Blacks Go Back To Africa.
Down here, before the election, an African American church was set on fire in Greenville, Mississippi with a description on the side of it saying, Vote Trump
Down here, that hate rhetoric during one of Trump's speeches at a black protester saying, "back in the old days, that guy would've never never been able to get away with that," followed by cheers, represented the days of Jim Crowe. That is the era where dead young black men could be seen hanging from trees like the common fruit. And let's not forget that during those days, down here, is where the violence perpetrated by whites on blacks were a form of terrorism for oppression and restriction.
So, who voted for Trump?
Down here, in the Southern States, once confederate states, a majority of racists and sexists voted for Trump. 
Why? Because, down here they think that era of oppression, segregation and terrorism, is when America was great. When one race can say cross the street to another human being and they did it to avoid trouble, death, or being terrorized. When they can kick and punch a man while he is walking away and no charges are brought against them. When they can treat people protesting for their rights like a disease by shooting them with a fire hose. When they could pretty much say and do what they want to people of color without any repercussions. When they can play the enforcer and do and say threatening things to control the actions of people of color. That time was when America was great for them down here in the Southern States.

In truth, anyone who knows anything about history or America knows that America is and has been great because of its unity. 
And for so long, we, being most of the populace, have been fighting for that unity, that liberty stated in the constitution, that freedom in the national anthem, which we hope will allow us to live, love, and go forth into our lives in peace. 
With the United States being what it was made to be, UNITED, makes us forever great, and nothing could harm or stop us...

Now with the election of Trump, people born under oppression for the color of their skin or the difference in their language and culture face the threat of seeing our country's progress go back to the days of persecution. That is, down here, in the southern states. So, the major reason most people voted for Trump down here is because they are racists and sexists. 

Now up and over there in the western, northern, and northern-midwestern part of the United States, it's simply a matter of desperation. That is the real reason that people that aren't racists voted for Trump. 
That they literally allowed themselves to believe that a man that is not a lawyer, political scientist, political strategist, or politician can do something about a healthcare act is just stupid.

It reflects those classic situations I've grown up in time and time again. I have grown up in many situations where there was a lot of pain. I needed to get out of the situations for my own well-being. On top of all that desperation to get out of the situation, I still had to remind myself that it would be stupid to do ANYTHING to get out. That doing anything to get out could just make the pain worse or make things transition to another type of pain altogether.
Impatience and desperation together are truly unhealthy. 
This decision to just choose anybody, Trump, to reduce a fucking premium or make any kind of change somewhere, was just stupid. 

So no, they weren't majority racists in the western, northern, and northern mid-western parts of the US, they were just desperate, and desperation can make people choose to do stupid things. 
Making a fucking change does not happen by just destroying a plan or policy. Any policy or program needs to be improved upon overtime. It's sad when someone screaming they're going to tear it all down, with no plan for putting something better there, is good or okay to most people.
Well turns out, it's just stupid. And unfortunately, it led to a stupid-ass decision to elect someone that is adding more problems in the US by threatening deportation and violations on human rights here..

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