Saturday, October 15, 2016

Go Finance: WARNING: YOUR Credit May Be Under Attack

... I guess I underestimated identity theft. I guess people can easily get access to my precious social security number and buy stuff easier than I thought. I guess student loans do need to be watched like we're a human surveillance camera....

At this very moment I have 3 interesting bad things on my credit. I learned about these interesting claims that make no fucking logical sense by an application sent to a property manager who could not read the fucking credit report she produced.

Well, I'll not waste time. My current credit report problem can be helpful to many.

Issue on Credit #1 
Verizon Wireless

This account was reported first as having been created in Lakeland, Florida in 2015 in Experian. It shows it as coming from Minneapolis, Minnesota also on the edition of Experian. 
Here's a quick overview of the issue. 
A Verizon associate or agent let a person come into a Verizon Wireless in both of these locations and drop a social security number, mine, and buy something a year ago that cost them up to $1600 dollars in Lakeland, Florida and $1300 dollars in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I say $1600 dollars in Lakeland, Florida because I was told this by an agent upon calling there.
How strange, since I live in North Carolina at addresses that are listed on my credit report. Hint to: Experian, Transunion, and Equifax...
This also makes you wonder if the Verizon associate decided to check the person's drivers license to see the address of this person, or do any kind of background check to match name with address and with social security number.
After getting lies from an associate at the Verizon in Lakeland, Florida concerning sending me an email that would help me in this situation; I decided to look on Verizon's website to find a fraud email link on my own. 
Verizon replied with a link for identity theft. However, you can't send it to them for processing unless you send certain items:

  • a Photo ID - easy
  • a Non-Verizon Phone Bill - easy also, don't have one, and Straight Talk is my cellphone company
  • a Police Report - can't do it, the incident happened in two other states, whose police would I file that with exactly
  • a Insurance Payment - can't send it because I have another person on my insurance and their information cannot be put at risk
  • a Mortgage Bill - I don't own a fucking house
And I may not ever own a fucking house because of this fucking bullshit; so I decided to file an abuse claim with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). I have received two emails from an Executive at Verizon Wireless to discuss the matter since filing with the BBB. However, I think it wise to leave this matter in the hands of the professionals. 
Moving on to the next issue:

Issue on Credit #2 
ACS Education Services (ACS)

ACS is a collection agency for student loans on behalf of Wells Fargo. Back in 2005, I had a loan with Wachovia Education Finance. Wachovia of course changed to Wells Fargo. However, ACS is the one that posts the derogatory mark on my credit report. 
Here's why...
Wells Fargo sent my loans to ACS for collection some time after I graduated in 2011. In 2013, I decided to consolidate my loans with the US Department of Education. I wanted all my loans under one servicing company (Fedloan). 
ACS decided to default the loans sometime in early 2013. After they defaulted the loans, the loans were sent to the Guarantor United Student Aid Funds (USA Funds). 
And so, when the US Department of Education bought the loan, they bought it from the companies that had the loans. USA Funds got the money for that loan amount and of course ACS got nothing. A representative of ACS told me that they are just keeping that derogatory mark on my credit report because they have some secret rule within themselves, that I signed no contractual agreement to adhere to or be bound to, that when they default a loan they can keep it on my credit for 7 to 14 years for no apparent reason.

This one hasn't gotten my worse move yet. I'm still mulling on that. But may this serve as a warning to you student borrowers, do not let that student loan get into the hands of ACS Education Services (ACS). American Education Services (AES) is good. If it's ACS, get it out of their hands by all means.

Issue on Credit #3 - Medical Fraud
Medical Charges via Collections Agencies PMAB LLC & Professional Med ADJ Bur established by Riverside Emergency Physicians
Medical Charges via Merchants ADJ Service established by Coastal Radiology Associates 
Medical Charges via PMAB SRV established again by Riverside Emergency Physicians

Okay, I reside in Eastern NC in one town that has one hospital with one address. That hospital is Martin General in Williamston, NC. I have gone to my hometown hospital's ER and that is the hospital that should be on my credit. And honestly, that hospital is currently on my credit right now. 
However, I have a mysterious hospital on my credit that is called Riverside Emergency Physicians, which is located all the way in Newport News, Virginia. 
I have another medical facility on my credit report called Coastal Radiology Associates. One Coastal Radiology Associates is located in Jacksonville, NC and the other one is located in New Bern, NC.
These facilities claim that I came to visit them in June 2016. 
This was a month that began with me traveling to neighboring Greenville, NC to provide the dreaded, but necessary, urine sample for my new part-time job. This is also the month that continued with training and ended with me in production, in which I'm actually working part-time.
Riverside Emergency Physicians has sent information to a collection agency in Charlotte NC called, well labeled, PMAB LLC and Professional Med ADJ Bur located in yet another place in Charlotte NC. Coastal Radiology Associates sent information to Merchant ADJ Service in Mobile, Alabama.

FIRST OFF; I'm not going to drive all the way to Virginia to visit a medical facility when I am surrounded by medical facilities here in Eastern North Carolina. The entire economy here is medical in Eastern NC. 
SECONDLY; I'm not going to run out all my damn gas driving for over an hour to another town or city for something I can get at the local hospital.
THIRD; I have considered that the collections were sent by the hospital that is in my hometown that I HAVE visited. But it can't be, because their big stupid name, Riverside Emergency Physicians, is on the report as the one who sent the collections bill to PMAB LLC and Professional Med ADJ Bur. Their address is the one in Google as, 500 J Clyde Morris BLVD, Newport News, VA 23601. 
And this applies to Coastal Radiology Associates too, a medical facility that is located at 3606 Henderson Drive, Jacksonville NC 28546 and 722 Newman Road, New Bern NC 28562. 
And no, PMAB LLC, you sending a collection letter with the title Martin General with a PO Box in Maryland under Riverside Emergency does not matter. The facility I visited was Martin General Hospital in Williamston NC, not in Maryland or anywhere else. And as I mentioned before, they have their own collection agency on my account. 
The notion of non-accountability for all these false accounts is staggering, but this one is just plain lazy and stupid. 

A POINT THIS BLOG IS MAKING is that all these claims are damaging to my credit, and it is a credit that I have never used for anything but a single credit card and student loans. It's a shame that people can be put into a position where they cannot use their credit because somebody else used it and messed it up due to some company's neglect and lack of oversight. 
AS A SECOND POINT, if you are judging a credit report and are going to make a big deal out of the results on it, learn to slow down and actually READ the damn thing. These claims make no geographical sense. These claim's dates make no sense. 
AS A THIRD POINT, these claims are not only fraudulently on my account but they are reluctant to come off because these companies seek to punish ME for something they allowed someone else to do to them. 
Someone under them wasn't paying attention. 
Someone under them did not verify the person they serviced. 
Someone under them was falsifying information. 

And don't get me wrong, I know these companies can fight to keep this on my credit report until the day they die. Well that's fine, because I'm going to fight until the day they die too until this falsifying shit is taken off my credit report. 
And because I'm fair, to the fraud committing persons, go FUCK yourselves. 

And if anyone has this problem with their credit, they should pledge the same. This blog post will forever remain a warning to all students and all citizens to safeguard your information with your life and monitor your credit.

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