Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Go Green: Where Are The Trains?

Oil is non-renewable. Its depletion opens up problems for all types of services and products. On the other hand, we MUST go to and fro in the United States. 

I KNOW, the geography in this country is not designed in a way that every area is in walking distance. Needless to say, there are many places we must travel and not all of us are in the most ease-of-public-commute areas in the states. 

To counter the issue of oil depletion and save money, I propose trains, or commuter rails, for everyday public commuting. 

Trains are comfortable, or can be, and they have a stronger capacity than buses. 

This can decrease the use of vehicles, the consumption of oil, and decrease emissions into the atmosphere. Trains can also contribute to a cleaner environment and save the public money. To decrease the use of personal vehicles to save oil can only be done with more investment into public transportation.

I KNOW an initiative like this requires a lot of planning. It requires the laying of train tracks, the maintenance of train tracks, schedules, strong communication devices, and so forth. Overall, it demands extensive and stellar construction, design, and planning. After we have done all the hard work and spent the money, it will all pay off. 

In providing public commuting service via commuter train it would also establish a national industry which creates and maintains numerous jobs all over the United States. The hard work will be worth it when all the problems with oil and gas usage decreases, the opportunities in jobs increases, and of course the public gets to save money.

The Train

Nobody is talking about freight trains. We can't afford to go old fancy freight like in the old days. We can afford to go small bullet trains like the one in the picture in Gothenburg.

One major decision that must be made is whether the train will be for business or personal. This means whether there will be two trains or one doing both. Business, meaning to get to and from work areas which are not always commutable. Personal meaning to get to a grocery store, healthcare appointments, to shopping areas, and so forth. We have to make the commuter trains work for all of us.

What is important to note is the train does not take away from buses. Buses will still be excellent and very beneficial to everyone. They should be promoted everywhere and funded also.

And last, this new everyday commuting means should definitely be affordable, comfortable, and safe no matter who uses it. The more affordable, comfortable, and safe it is the more it will be used.

... and there's my idea on oil and money preservation...thanks for can see me forever tweeting on Twitter @tonitheprima...again thank you for reading....