Saturday, September 24, 2016

Go Clean Energy: Change Is Still Important

I'm back, and I'm still pushing the need and change to clean energy. 

Now I know it's been heavy lately. The election is coming up and we have a modern version of Hitler running. 
Not only are we now seeing how many uneducated people live in the United States, but worse, we see how dangerous not being educated is to the entire world.

All that aside, clean energy, meaning solar panels, wind mills, and with oil, a viable substitute, needs to be created, promoted, and supported. And when I say a viable substitute for oil, I mean a substitute for all of the types of oils we use. 

There are several solar panel companies popping up all over the U.S. AWESOME! 
People see the value in solar panels. They save the earth from pollution yes, they maintain a clean environment definitely, but most of all they help save people money; what could be better.

Money is the dominating factor in solar panels and a powerful motivator. They're just like tiny houses, efficient, good for the earth's trees, saves money, and provides a sweet little thing to own.

However, we still need programs and funding federal government. Most people have a piece of a job and can make some changes happen in terms of clean energy over time. However, a lot of people need help with the transition.

And yes Democrats, I know Republicans have done this horrible thing. They have endorsed this terribly stupid bigot man-child that could possibly win this election. 
He's going to sit on his ass and do nothing until someone insults him on Twitter, then he'll probably blow up their neighborhood with a drone. And it may even be his own neighborhood or a Republican's neighborhood, who can say. 

I know this, I understand, and I know it's hard, but we must move forward. We must take care of each other. We still need you Democrats, and we still need each other. 

Change to clean energy is still a necessity. Let us help everyone change for a better tomorrow still.

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