Friday, August 19, 2016

Go Green: Fracking Issue

I hate to sound like the pushy-mc-pusher, but we need another oil alternative. Another oil alternative is better than having no oil at all. 
OR, we can invest in commuter rails or trains in the USA. This would decrease oil and gas usage. 
When I say we another oil alternative, I mean all the types of oil. We need ALL the types of oil alternatives.

Fracking + Issues + Non-control = Death

Fracking can kill us. It can cause pollution in our homes through the drinking water, on the land, and cost us in damages for the little oil it can provide.

Oil needs to be replaced or a means of transportation needs to be increased; fracking is not going to work. 

Fracking has already damaged some waterways and farmland.

To The Point....

I could go on and on forever about poisoning, damages, the waste of fracking, the waste of time, making alternative oil, making alternative means for travel for prevention, and so forth. 

This won't matter.

WHAT will matter are lawsuits from people who are getting sick or dying from this pollution. 

WHAT can happen is entirely too much damage in our waterways making it nearly impossible to live, meaning use water to cook and grow food. 
WHAT eventually will come to pass is that we will have to create oil alternatives. And yes, we will have to create all the types of oil alternatives or suffer without the products and means of travel we need, which will put us, the USA, in a national crisis.

Change is in demand. Change must happen. We cannot afford to ignore the fact that we must change the way we consume and use energy because we cannot afford to run out of what we need. Consider it federal and municipal governments. Consider it and embrace innovation for change. 

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