Thursday, July 28, 2016

STOP THE B.S....Are You Really Voting For Trump?

I'm just going to get to the point....Everyone that votes for Trump is either too stupid to understand how to vote, don't really care about this country, are a racist/bigot, or a radical extremist gun owner/group.

Trump is all about winning. So much so he's trying to get votes from anyone, even a former KKK leader and militant extremist skinheads that tote guns with a desperation to have a race war some fucking day.

Trump is not going to do anything for anyone. This means he is not going to bring any jobs, protect this country (he doesn't know how), or make America great because it's already great. 
He is not going to do anything for any of YOU, even the idiots that give him the ancient Hitler salute. The White House and Presidency is essentially Trump's welfare plan. His plan is to be taken care of for the rest of his life since his businesses have not been successful across decades.

He is a lucky, extremely lucky, opportunist. People listened to his nonsense about fear and hate and embraced it. And that doesn't surprise me, those emotions are the easiest things to embrace by weak people. 
There are too many people in the U.S. walking around everyday believing that someone either WANTS to kill them in some way or someone CARES to HARM them in some other way.

America IS great. Our economy IS STILL strong. We have the STRONGEST military in the world and we RESPECT our allies NOT follow them like a puppy for money or support. 
This country will always need a great representative and strong leader. Trump IS NOT this. He is a whinning, ranting, insulting, lying bigot person who hacks opponents emails, or asks other countries to do it, JUST to win.

I would offer advice to all the so-called revenge-seekers that are mad that the U.S. voted Obama President for TWO terms, but you don't deserve any advice on revenge. 
You don't DESERVE revenge. You don't have nothing to go after revenge for. Nobody has done anything to you.

And in terms of you previous factory workers who lost jobs, why are you looking at the federal government? Why would you look for Trump to do anything also?
Business owners did this to you with their freedom. They made the decision to go have people work for less money, which is basic exploitation and modern day slavery. 
Trump nor the government can force these business owners to do anything. If he enacted a law to stop the free trade this could cause this country to lose more businesses and money for products and services sold overseas. This would also hurt all of us because we are a global economy.

Overall, this blog post is saying that Trump is the worse pick for President here and would be the worse president anywhere in the world. 
He is unpredictable, inconsistent, contradictory, unguided, delusional, uneducated, and he does not have any self-control. 
He talks like a child or ranting teenager and cannot be trusted.
And to all of you that will or are planning to vote for Trump, YOU don't give no more of a FLYING SHIT about the United States of America than he does... Please do us the common courtesy and waste a vote this November by not showing up to vote at all.

  Thanks for your time
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