Saturday, June 11, 2016

Go Lifestyle: Our Human Condition

We all know about status in the world. It means a lot to multitudes of people. There are the wealthy, rich, a middle class, the low-income, and the poor. 
In a wealthy condition one can afford everything they need and want. In the rich condition one can afford things also.

We, the struggling middle class, low-income and poor have been on our own for a long time. Needless to say, the human condition varies for us. 

I realized a long time ago that we have to change, adjust, use stronger strategies, be wiser, and embrace each other to survive. 
We have to deal with our human condition on our own.
And not just to survive, to live and enjoy life.

I think in terms of a minimalist in all things except food. We got to have food for the whole day. That means breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And snacks, we got to have snacks.

However, in other things we have to minimize or simplify. This is for all our typical reasons such as in order to deal with our limitations on good jobs, minimum wage, affordable healthcare, high taxes, skyrocketed interest on everything we try to own, high gas prices, the inability to afford mobility means, and so forth. 

WE have to change even if these things never do. 
We have to simplify and minimalize our own lifestyles. We have to support things in our own communities and neighborhoods with our pennies. 

So many in the world want to convince others that there is no other way. That the only way to live is to have lots and lots of money. One thing is true, money is a necessity for needs. We must have it for that. However, we all have had to adjust to the limitations and we can do that based on our own creativity.

Eliminating the constant spending of money is vital to living in a lower status human condition. 

Ending dependence is important individually and internationally. Being creative to this end is very important. It just takes some thought, and collaboration if you have a family and/or are married. 

Eliminating dependence within your household is very personal. I could not tell anyone how to change based on their own condition without knowing it. 

Everything exists, happens, and changes with the preferences of the masses. We are the boycott if we choose to be it. 

We all have differing conditions and are in a different place in life. We all have to change based on our own terms and lifestyle. 
We won't all be exactly the same. 
However, I think we can all agree on employment, healthcare, safety, energy, environment, and community.

Overall, this blog post is saying that we who are in the lowest positions of the human condition are faced with having to change and make smarter decisions for our own betterment. 

This blog post is saying that if we need to change our lifestyles, we CAN do this. It is dependent on our will to change personally. 

This blog post is saying that if we want to change our community and neighborhoods, we CAN do this. It is dependent on our will to unite and change together.

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