Monday, May 23, 2016

Go Gun Control: Chill..It's Just To Protect and To Provide Safety

Listen gun lovers, I am a promoter of all things that have to do with going green, land-use planning encompassing the protection of people, wildlife, and the environment which includes all things concerning and promoting ease of living.

I don't have kids or have lost anyone to gun violence. I am sympathetic and empathetic to anyone who has lost a child or lost a loved one to senseless gun violence.

Don't get this post wrong. As far as I am concerned, gun owners can make sweet love to their guns. You can keep it until the next millennia, and when you die if God lets you into Heaven with it that's fine with me too.

The point this blog post is making is that any gun control law that demands that a person have a background check or show ID is to protect kids and young adults primarily. This legislation is being used, or would be used, to protect them from harming themselves, each other, and anyone. 

A simple regulation passed nationwide demanding a background check and U.S. ID would suffice in making sure they are protected.

Personally, buying a gun should be prohibited to the ones that have committed and have been CONVICTED in a court of law of murder in the first, second, or third degree. And also, continuos violent offenders in the same year. Let's face it, a person who has never ever committed a violent act before can commit murder. 

The background check and ID regulation today, that has passed in several states, are minimal restrictions.

...If a background check isn't good enough or you can't sleep with that, how about a policy that holds parents or guardians legally responsible for any violence their child causes to a person or persons, including domesticated animals or pets with a firearm. 

How about the policy can state that you...the head of household and owner or renter of the house will be charged or fined or charged and fined with your child for the violent act that was committed using a firearm he/she had in their possession under your roof or in their vehicle at your property....This means your child would suffer jail or prison time and so can you depending on the magnitude of the crime.
Can you sleep with this one?

The point this blog post is repeating is that I know that you know what I mean when I say a buyer should be required to have a background check and show ID. 

I know that you know that the passing of this law does not mean that someone is going to come to your house or home and confiscate your weapon or prevent you from buying one. 

And I also know that you know that no one should have access to a military grade firearm or any military weapons. These should not be sold or given to civilians. Not just because they are not in the damn military, but because most of you out there can't shoot or will accidentally blow your own damn cheek bone off.

Gun control legislation is to prevent someone from purchasing a gun that is primarily underage, a convicted killer or murderer, not from the states, a person who may have committed terrorist acts, and/or can't shoot for shit should be a part if this too but sadly it's not.

Overall NRA member or gun owner, calm down, relax, and chill the hell out. This regulation is not about you, it is not going to take away your gun, it is not going to stop the selling of guns, it is not going to allow zombies to kill you, and IT IS NOT GOING TO TAKE AWAY A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT. 

Gun control regulation is about protecting kids, young adults, the everyday individual, preventing murder, mass shootings, accidental deaths, and any other violence upon an individual with a gun. 

So if you would be so kind, please support gun control for the good and safety it will provide to the citizens of this country.

...thanks for reading... 
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