Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Go Education: Hey US, Public Education Needs Your Attention!!!

Okay, there is a serious problem with education today. This condition has lasted a very long time. In college, I actually thought it would blow over and get better, but it isn't.


Why is it so hard for you, Federal and Municipal Governments, to fund this? Why is it that public schools and public education is so undervalued? Do you know how dangerous it is to our country? We have dismissed the one thing that is most crucial to our survival. It's as if we are on a path to the destruction of the United States if education isn't valued anymore. 

Well, I have something to say about Education. 

Do you all think you are going to live forever? And if not, what kind of country do you plan to leave to your kids? Looking at the closing of public schools, a crappy processed lunch, and that ridiculous standardized testing, it looks like America is going to be some kind of wasteland. 

Only a small percentage of any country educated and the rest not educated will not work. Just take a look at the current REPUBLICAN candidate today and try to convince someone that we don't need better educational programs. 


  • If you don't wan't to spend a lot of money, cut the school year shorter and decrease the hours in the day. 20 hours a week should be sufficient for school.
  • If you don't want to spend a lot of money on cafeteria food, then invest in a industrial deep freezer and buy regular food and hire cooks or chefs, this is also to cook a balanced GOOD meal everyday.
  • Pencils, paper, textbooks, all school supplies, get it in bulk at Costco or the Company Costco deals with or another company like every other business in the world.
  • Cut-out all the silly homework, that's just something a student wants to get over with. 
  • Allow art, music, and workshop classes for analyzing, coordination, organization, control, individualism and fun. 
  • Of course there should be the dreaded MATH, including Reading, Writing, English, Science, a complete revision of AMERICAN History including other cultures and their contributions, and also Language classes. 
  • And for goodness sakes get rid of those ridiculous standardized tests and replace them with essays. If you are saying, what will an essay or paper do, YOU DID NOT WRITE YOUR OWN PAPERS IN SCHOOL or COLLEGE; SHAME ON YOU! 
  • An essay based on a certain topic can measure a person's grasp of all subjects. Quizzes and tests measure your ability to remember. Essays or papers measure comprehension, understanding and intelligence levels. It would show a student's ability to understand, the depth of their understanding, comprehension, use of expression with words, their intelligence and overall competency with all subjects. 

Overall, only minor changes are all that is needed to make public education feasible. Students K-12 all over America deserve a great education and a healthy meal at school. To not have these simple things is just ridiculous. Support your public school system however you can and when you can everyone. heard it ranted here on TENSpot...tweet me if you like on Twitter @tonitheprima....thanks for reading....