Saturday, May 21, 2016

Go Education: Go to School, Get a Good Education, And Do It Yourself....

   When I thought about going to college, the first thing that came to mind was getting a better job. I started at my Community College (MCC) in Accounting. I also started there because I was very bad at math and needed to start over. 

I needed to prove to the State of NC that I could be trusted with a pell grant and semester of classes. Essentially, to show I was serious about my education. I was homeschooled starting in the 10th grade and that is not the greatest thing in the eyes of colleges.


   Before starting college, I had realized several things about a college education before I pursued one. However, there were only two things that were primary. 

First, people did not have to hire me, so going for a better job was worthless. Second, I wanted to become a Geographer.


   And so, that's what I went to school to become when I transferred to UNCC. And it's the same with an MBA with specializations, because I wanted to be certified business educated in life also. 

  In the Universe that is my life, all my debt is not in vain because I went to college and became what I wanted to become. I was able to buy a sweet truck out of it also. And as to how my education in terms of knowledge pays off, that comes in simplicity.

   The statement in the title goes like this, "you got to go to school, get a good education, and do it yourself." 

After overhearing this, I realized that statement is the definition of adulthood. It asks without asking, what do you need to live your life and tells you to get all the education you can so you can live it.

This Statement Highlights 5 Personal Decisions

  • Know Your Status
  • Know What You Need
  • Know What Satisfies You
  • Know What Your Desires Are
  • And Go After Your Dreams

   As you can see, this decision isn't completely in education. This decision is very personal. It revolves around needs, satisfaction, your peace of mind, your ambitions, what you're willing to do, what you're not willing to do, and so forth.

  What I'm saying with this blog post is that if you, graduates, want go to college, go because you WANT to go or because you WANT to become some one thing.

However, don't go because you think it is a direct way into better or ideal employment. 

Not that having a degree is worthless, it isn't. It shows dedication, persistence, that you're knowledgeable, you are a hard worker, and much more depending on the subject you studied. However, a company's HR rep has to see this, which is almost non-existent.


   Congratulations to all high school grads this 2016. And also, never forget that a higher education is a great accomplishment. 

However, go to college because it contributes to your life and what you want to do or be in it. Weigh it's worth on your needs and desires and ONLY this.

Thanks readers, I live on Twitter @tonitheprima...also if you should decide to go to college this article will be helpful...Roommates: Why The Decision Should Be Yours :