Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Go Business: And Now...Introducing the Business Checklist

Businesses, businesses, businesses, we have to refresh ourselves in the United States of America. We have to maintain our employment conditions for the good of citizens and business here. 

For all workers throughout the US, and for you business, corporation and company owners, we must all check the human working and business success checklist. Today there is only one agenda on the list below:

US Human Working Conditions & Business Success Checklist

Resist Strict For-Profit Operations

....We all know that businesses that are strictly for-profit may run the risk of having shitty products or services. They tend to have too many rules and regulations and not enough pay and benefits. 

Stress can ruin services and products provided by employees. Overwork on the job coupled with rushed services and products, low pay, lay-offs, and no bonuses or pay raises, all leads to shit-crap-put-back products and services. 

Of course you know employees are your success, and comfortable employees provide products and services excellently. And why wouldn't the brilliant and talented employee, your (the company's) success means long-term comfortable well-paid jobs with benefits for them. 

And vacations, these are very important also, as well as the extremely long-ass break during the workday. It doesn't have to be a paid break. The weekends are spent home in relax, and the only time you and your employee will see or speak to each other again is on Monday...

....And here you have it, the Successful Business Checklist namely US Human Working Conditions & Business Success Checklist via Toni N. on TENSpot. 

If this is your business, you are truly excellent and will live and run successfully forever. 

If this is not your business, you may need to get yourself together before you go under. 

This has been a Business Moment on TENSpot with Toni N. ....Thanks Readers... Hit me up anytime here or on @tonitheprima on Twitter