Monday, February 22, 2016

Go Green: Solar and Wind Combined

As you well know, I am a major fan of solar and wind energy. And this time around, I want to introduce a brand new concept and machine for producing this kind of energy. 

Solar energy can appear pretty weak and just too iffy in terms of using sunshine to provide energy to sustain a whole house and electronics. Wind power looks pretty scary because, what if the wind is not blowing, how the hell will we sustain our energy.

And the notion of the potency of this power, the amount of power one can get is also iffy. You never know how much the sun is going to shine. You can never guess how much power you will get from wind on certain days.

Therefore, I propose combining the two. This would be a windmill with solar panels on the propellers. Solar panels could be placed on the back and the front of the propellers. 

This means that if the wind is not blowing, the sun will make the propellers turn. If the sun is not shining, the wind would make the propellers turn. If neither is going, then a back-up will make the energy.

Yes, the creation of a back-up like a systematic battery is very important. This could be an automated generator attached to a home and the solar windmill to provide energy.

The merging of the two renewable energies could definitely be beneficial to us all. Had I any sense of mechanics or robotics, I would try to create this myself. However, it must be left to the craftsmen and craftswomen in the world.

And here is my genuine idea to make life easier people. Going green is all about making living easier and saving money. 

I would not be mad at the individual who creates something like this using this idea. Actually, I would be excited to see it and experience it.

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