Sunday, February 28, 2016

Go Business: 5 Years of Sale Representative Experience, Really?

I was browsing the internet, looking for more interesting jobs in the market today, and came across a Work-At-Home Inside Sales job. 

All companies remain nameless, out of mere respect. 

First off, Work-AT/FROM-Home jobs are the best. Who wouldn't want to sit at home and convince people to buy things all day. 

Anyway, I came across this Inside Sales Representative job and it had a long list of everything an employer would expect of an employee. 

Then I get to what this blog post is all about, and the job description demands that the person or applicant have 5 years of Sales Representative Experience.

5 Years!

First Off Businesses,

If a person has been doing any sales representative work for whatever company, in whatever country, state, and city or town for 5 years non-stop; they are extremely successful. 

I have done Outside Independent Sales Representative work and the only thing that I have become is partner to a major retailer. 

Needless to say, the experience is short-lived if there is no real monetary success. 

In short, if a person has 5 years of Inside or Outside Sales Representative success, or continued Independent Business Sales, they can start their own business. 

They have done extremely well. And if they have done extremely well in this field, then why work for you on your time. 

And also, being good at sales, whether inside or outside, is not that hard. Yes, you need to be able to speak well and really understand and communicate all the benefits of what you are selling. 

But most importantly, with sales it depends on your geography (where you are located), it depends on the economy, what you company offers, the complexity of the product, product support, customer convenience, the flexibility of investment prices, and how flexible the salesperson can be....just to name a few.

If the Sales Person has to stick with a certain verbiage and cannot make deals based on the customer's budget, then there will be hardly any sales unless the customer or client is stupid, easily charmed, very wealthy and you're the lucky chosen one, or inexperienced when investing in a product. 

Overall, some businesses continue to set the bar very high in terms of employment. This to me has no real meaning and benefits anyone, not even you. Most of the companies that do this only offer jobs, not careers, so just calm down. 

Based on the factors stated for this Inside Sales Representative position, if you hire someone with no experience, trust me, you will get the same results.