Saturday, January 30, 2016

Go Lifestyle & Business: Work AT/FROM Home & You & Businesses

Having tasted the Work-AT/FROM-Home experience, I have to admit, it is FANTASTIC. 

And I have a long list of why it is fantastic for the people of all and any communities.

It is FANTASTIC because

  • You get to work in whatever you like
  • You can work from wherever you like (privately)
  • You get to adjust your own work environment
  • You are creatively integrated into a comfortable team online or get to work independently
  • You save on gas, which helps the environment by protecting it from emissions
  • You don't ever have to worry about being late
  • You prevent the destruction of trees because there is no need for paper; things can be emailed, posted, or downloaded
  • You save money on work clothes, shoes, nails, and hairdos 
  • You don't have to panick too badly or have an anxiety attack when you are laid-off, it isn't as if you physically moved across the country or world to work for the company
  • And family and lifestyle flexibility is only a step away from your home office
And businesses and companies, this benefits you too. And in the very best way, which most of all allows you to save money. How else does this benefit you? I'll tell you how; FANTASTICALLY.

It will be FANTASTIC for you because

  • You have limited or almost non-existent taxes to pay on property and fees
  • Employees perform at their highest potential because they work comfortably 
  • You do not have to invest in paper, office supplies, or computers, telephones, or Internet service
  • You don't have to pay for damages to your building or workplace
  • You don't have to create or have in place security policies and practices 
  • You don't have to create a parking lot or pay for designated parking spaces for employees
  • You can expand your product or service to the world without any issues or having to relocate
  • You need a team-meeting, let's meet online - trouble-less
  • You need a face-to-face, let's meet online - swift and absolute
  • You need to hire someone, do a background check online and hire them online - fast and peaceful
  • You get to operate your business from whatever comfortable location you want to
  • NO ONE can close down your business
  • Lack of business is almost non-existent since you can reach all over the world
And as you exist, you online business and employees you, you would observe these brick and mortars that have to move because jobs aren't everywhere for everyone, because people cling to their dollars businesses are faced with having to lay-off employees, or having to move because the rent is too high, or the space is unprofitable because people have moved. Yet, in all this turmoil, you will think to yourself how wonderful it is to just be you and online.

This blog post supports the flexible job; the work from anywhere and AT/FROM home jobs. We could do everything in the workplace online, while saving money, re-developing our environments, and living healthier mentally and physically.

The Work-AT/FROM-Home Business is untouchable simply and only because it saves money, can reach anyone with internet, and on top of this makes money, which is great for the businesses and employees as well as the environment. 

So by all means businesses, put your business online for the good of EVERYONE, and yourselves.

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