Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Go Green: Why We Must Change The Way We Use Energy

The Earth is the most unique star in the Universe. The environment is alive and uncontrollable. Fossil Fuels, carbon, oxides and other gases get emitted into the atmosphere. This of course has been happening for years. Not only is it ruining the quality of crops or vegetation and water in most less developed countries, but in some major countries. 

Mother Nature; The Earth

The Earth is serene, beautiful, timeless and versatile in its existence. The earth is bounties and can never be restricted or controlled. This is especially when one considers the weather. The weather is a living force. The earth responds to emission emitted into the atmosphere by vehicles, by cloud cover and chemical-filled rain. It is as if the earth is throwing our chemicals back into our faces. The humidity in the air the trees the more thunderstorms that can lead to tornadoes. The excessive heat in the atmosphere with chemicals cause a reaction just like combining chemicals to make something work or function. 

My theory is that the earth's weather responds to the use of fossil fuels and chemicals emitted into the land or air. Regarding the atmosphere, it responds with severe long rain patterns that can result in landslides or flooding that effect the ground vegetation and can destroy pavements. It also responds by hurricanes, major droughts, and volcano eruptions.

This Blog Post

This blog post is to repeat what has already been said by scientists all over the world. It repeats the fact that we must change the way we develop and use energy every single day. This is not only to protect the environment, but to protect our own existence. As a Geographer, I came to understand that the earth formed long ago through chaos into an ecologically balanced star for living beings. I have always felt that the earth will, if completely unbalanced ecologically, balance itself back out. This means that weather patterns could occur that could destroy development, civilizations and so forth while trying to restore its balance. 

The Again...

These weather patterns that destroy could also be caused by us. This can be caused by us when we emit chemicals into the air, which could effect the weather patterns of the earth. This of course would lead to climate changes, skipped seasons, too much snow, too much rain, too many hurricane seasons. and so forth. Overall, the earth protects itself, whether it does it alone or humankind forces it to by all the waste and chemicals in the environment and atmosphere. 

Change is good. In terms of energy use, solar power, wind power or hydro-power are feasible. Change is very important worldwide and necessary for the welfare of the environment and us, as well as wildlife.

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