Friday, October 2, 2015

Go Green: See Why We Need More Land-Use Planning Than Anything Else?

... See this? 
This comes from Land-Use Planning gone bad. That this Mountain Lion can even be in the same vicinity of an area to climb up a light pole is just too much and too bad.

Some people laugh at this and ignore it, but this can or could have caused some major issues. 

There could be a fire caused by a broken power line, death of a person in the encounter of a Mountain Lion, death of the Mountain Lion because of the encounter with a human and a gun, or death of the Mountain Lion because of the damned power line. 

In the report, there is a school bus and children laughing as the animal was so afraid of humans, and of course, the noise of children, it climbed up a light pole to get away. 

Now, I understand getting away from the noise, but the notion of climbing that pole in the hopes that it is a normal tree used to escape is what is sad and dangerous. 

And then there is a school bus passing through, so one has to wonder how close the school is to this animal's habitat. 

For goodness sakes, the USDA Forest Service says that Mountain Lions are often drawn to children.

Well, Geographers, that are working as one, you can do what I can't do. You can offer better Land-Use Planning strategies to prevent further development on the Mountain Lion's habitat. 

You can unite and suggest a mandate in your State on the basis of public and animal safety that proclaims that property and power lines have to be built at least a couple of square miles away from the Mountain Lion's habitat and that vegetation must be left high and dense. 
And in the event of dealing with an area close to the desert, Palm Trees can suffice when thinking of high vegetation. 

This is a simple small strategy that can fix a problem that can become big or much worse for people and the Mountain Lion. 

The developers don't lose the opportunity to build. The Mountain Lion doesn't lose its habitat. Nobody gets eaten and no animal gets shocked to death. 

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