Saturday, October 17, 2015

Go Green: Location, Location, Location

Location Analysis, this is another very important contribution to the world that can only be contributed by a Geographer and Land-Use Planner.

This is very popular in the UK, however, not so popular in the U.S. This profession consists of strategies that contribute to the very special location of where businesses should locate. The specialist makes sure the business locates in the best place to operate with the full benefit of the consumer and business.

Waste clean-up and revitalization of many areas nationwide is important also. It is the cleansing and rebuilding in a sense of our nation's worst areas. We would do this so that the areas can be livable for maybe a park, or a community, or a business, and so forth.

I feel we should push for the idea for some machine that utterly destroys waste. I push this mainly towards engineers, and mechanics, and chemists; you guys could handle this one. This system could include actual machinery for disintegrating trash. 

We cannot just keep taking it and dumping it, by charity, on some other country. We cannot dump it onto an island either. Not only is this inhumane, but it is a danger to the world's health.                      

Mankind is supposed to be the ruin and end of this world. Well, I have a strong belief that as long as there are Boomers and a Generation X, this will be next to impossible.

And about this ruin, many theories say it begins with too much consumption. Most of the experts on the subject could agree with this. The use of too much land can ruin the land and use up water, displace animals (usually again upon us), or destroy ecosystems that we need.

However, location analysis only contributes the most when there is clean reusable land. It can be used to protect us, the animals; all lifeforms. Therefore clean-ups, tear-downs for rebuilding, and waste management and disposal should become the norm to us in this land for future benefits. 

Geographers, again, you can do what I can't do. You can make certain that location analysis is a special vibrant movement by establishing strategies and plans to clean-up, revitalize, destroy waste, and rebuild for better more efficient communities all over America. 

With some of you already working with/for the federal and state governments, you could exert this type of influence with a special plan for the best outcome. I am really cheering you onward as you scan this blog post.

Location is very important. It can be beneficial on a micro (individual lifestyle preference) scale, and on a macro scale. It can provide the best access to some one thing and the amount of revenue to some other thing. It can provide the best protection and the least amount of problems. It is essential in a country, and should be very important to you. If it is not, then it definitely should be. 

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