Sunday, September 27, 2015

Go Green: i, The Geographer & Land Use Planning

The environment is my everlasting case as a Geographer. The application of GIS is a no-go. The Cartography however is always useful. I am a Strategist and Planner at heart. It's what I love.

The protection of the environment with respect to the habitats of animals and microorganisms are all based on human actions.

The idea and application of Land-Use Planning is generally looked upon as being the most strategic. It involves making the world comfortable for humans, animals, and the environment. 

People say that big business with the development of homes is the reason for so much used land and the destruction of habitats. They are right. Overpopulation for employment that can occur because of the the influx of businesses is a common trend and necessity.

The Geographer gets the notion that asking companies to just yield is a no-go. Asking people to not move to a better job or their first job, is just plain stupid. And the notion of asking businessmen and women to refrain from creating businesses, is stupid not because of the general public but the business owner's love of money.

The best thing a Geographer can do is provide the best strategies that allow the land to be used in a way that separates people from animal's habitats, water cleaning algae, and other microorganisms, while still providing the best location for the businesses and residents.

This control is not to stifle the money-hungry business owner. I am a fan of businesses. I am a fan of money-hungriness, this and they provide jobs, create and sustain a middle class, and keep countries running efficiently and profitably.

At least, they could/can. As a Geographer, I am promoting efficient and resourceful development.

Not that the notion of not polluting, not running a vehicle every single day, capping how much of a chemical a company can emit into the atmosphere, controlling run-off, waste, and so forth, do not help. 

This definitely helps protect and maintain the environment. There's even solar paneling, which is just marvelous for people with a normal or smaller sized house. Those with the big houses have to pay prices that make me want to run away screaming. 
Any other innovations, such as hydropower works, tiny homes are environmentally efficient, and recycling is also a plus. All this helps. All this, these measures, should always be promoted. 

The point I'm making with this post is that with all changes in development, the environment has to be considered first. We need it healthy and strong before most things.
However, the ability to see and apply strong swift strategies in regards to protecting the environment, avoiding animal habitats and the location of microorganisms, with the addition of an expanding population and growing businesses, which is also a country-wide necessity, exists only in God-given strategy and idealism. The approach should be the primary focus before demand. 

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