Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Go Lifestyle: Prosperity & Peace

In today's world, the notion of having peace has been accompanied with prosperity. It is presumed that when one has money they are able to sleep better, eat better, be free and have a lifestyle of their own. 

That having money is tied to whether or not one can have peace in life ruins life. In my opinion, the more one allows money to dictate their peace of mind the more miserable life can be. 

It occurs to me that it is a healthier alternative to never allow money to control my behavior, my feelings about myself, how decisions are made, and what decisions are made. 

Having no money, or not having as much money as a person who is rich, upper middle class, or wealthy, may not ever happen. And if it never happens, does anyone really want money tied to their ability to have peace? 

Does it not seem that one would be living a miserable life for the rest of their lives if they allow themselves to live for prosperity?

I have found that if one wants to be happy, they have to first know who they are and what they truly want. 
Every day that anyone goes to and fro, they have already created their own lifestyle. They are always free to add to this unless it requires buying into something.

Some of us desire a lot of money, and we really have no use for it.  Money is nothing but a means to living on Earth. 
It is good to have a lot of it, it handles taxes, bills, necessities, and wants. Otherwise, it is nothing. 

Money can contribute to more lifestyle changes than being without a lot of money can. Money is great to have, but you cannot really Live La Vida Loca on it for too long before you become homeless and get into some extreme debt. It still has to be managed and sustained.

All this tiny blog is saying is that one should examine themselves before they decide to feel like crap because they do not have a lot of money. 
Examine what you really want in life and who you are before you allow yourself to have no peace unless you are rich or wealthy. 

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