Saturday, July 28, 2012

Go Social: Racial Profiling, the Silent Killer

Racism and discrimination is something that has definitely taken its toll on this country. Instead of shedding it off like a bad style, people embraced it from the 1800s on up to today. 
It still determines who gets employed, how much one pays for a petty theft than another, and whether one can walk peacefully in any portion or part of this country's neighborhoods. It's still this lingering stupid thing that has succeeded in making us blind, stupid, now it's getting us hurt and killed.

Racial Profiling

Today, it is crazy to neglect racism. It's crazy to pick favorites among people anyway. This used to be something that we could laugh at. 

It was just aggravating when the cashier followed you around and around in a circle throughout the itsy bitsy clothing shop. 
It was laughable when you were followed while you're shopping for something in the store by one employee until the manager gets in on it too. People would look at you and wonder if you're a celebrity or are these uniformed bodyguards. 
However, now this racial profiling suspicion is harming us, not completely by making this country out to look like it's filled with a bunch of idiots, but with extreme violence. 

Neglecting one because of their skin color is stupid especially when the one you're neglecting because their white supposedly has secretly come to not just harm you but everybody. Mass shootings happen in the midst of racial profiling. 

The absolute truth is racial profiling is a silent killer. It makes us unprepared for incidents like the one that occurred with James Holmes in the movie theater.

It makes us unprepared because of the assumptions one has about another. They ignore their better judgement because they assume certain types of people fit into a certain stereotype. 
It's sad that because of the assumption-having-people of our population that we may have to make every place out to be like airport security.

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